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Jeremy Pilcher

Lecturer in Lawat New York University (London)
United Kingdom
Focus area: Digital Art, New Media

I am a lecturer in law at New York University (London) where I am also the Law Programme Co-ordinator. My research explores art/law intersections with a particular focus on artworks that deploy real-time technologies. I explore the critical potential of art that engages with the way that the law is used to structure and organise societies. Most recently I edited the book, Culture, Technology, and the Image (Intellect), which explores the technologies deployed when images are archived, accessed and distributed. The book engages with the ways in which habits and techniques used in learning and communicating knowledge about images are affected by technological developments.
My research builds on academic qualifications in cultural research, art law and art history as well as my professional experience as a lawyer and fraud investigator. I began my legal career in New Zealand as a criminal prosecutor before working in commercial litigation. After moving to England, I qualified as a solicitor and worked in both the public and private sectors investigating fraud in companies. My other roles have included reviewing for journals in law, museum studies, and organisation theory.
I am a member of the Co-ordination Group of the Art/Law Network and am on the Programme Committee of the annual conference, Electronic Visualisation and the Arts.

Journal Articles:
Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Digital Continuities

Network Art Unbound?

October 2012