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Christian Jacquemin

Visual Artistat Yukao Nagemi
Focus area: Augmented Reality, Computer Graphics, Digital Imaging, Animation, Digital Art, New Media, Generative Practices, Generative Art

Christian Jacquemin was a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Paris-Sud from 2000. His research interests included interactive 3D graphics and audio, advanced graphics rendering, image analysis for Augmented Reality, and applications to visual arts. He was involved in several cooperations on artistic application of interactive graphics (theater, art installations, sound and graphic design...). He has collaborated with several artists and designers on the realization of augmented reality environments for art installation, theater plays, or multimedia performances. He has published in major conferences in Computational Linguistics, Information Retrieval, Information Visualization, Multimedia, Digital and Performing arts. As an adviser for arts and culture at University Paris-Sud, he has coordinated the arts-science CURIOSITas festival in 2013 & 2014. This festival brings together artists, researchers and students into joint research and creation projects.

After retiring, Christian Jacquemin has oriented his activity towards digital art under the artist name Yukao Nagemi. He is a performative visual artist using digital media. He mainly shows his work through audiovisual performances in collaboration with musicians, choreographers, and stage directors. With Lola Ajima (voice, cello, electroacoustic composition, live digital sound), they form the audiovisual duo Lola and Yukao Meet, and have presented their work in numerous European festivals. Yukao Nagemi has recently developed a new form of video work, called vector video, for which he has created a new and singular visual expression.

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