Steven J Oscherwitz

Artist. Art / Science Researcherat Saic/independent scholar
United States
Focus area: Analog, , Art History, Sculpture, Spacial, Body, Self, Design, Holography, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Chemistry, Physics, Systems, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Telepresence

Through painting and drawing, I pulverize, transform, refabricate, retool, reshape my own, unfortunately, learned intellectual branding into a cognate dynamic process that generates justice, peace, and freedom within my mind. Only then I feel it appropriate to shear this enlightening process with all peoples seeking justice, peace, and freedom. 

Steven J Oscherwitz is an artist who has exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and The Smithsonian Institution. He has composed many works of art.

He has two degrees from the department of painting and drawing from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago; Where He also taught and developed a curriculum of art science interactive studies involving materials, optics, and light.

Oscherwitz has presented at many SLSA conferences where he helped initiate art and science interdisciplinary study.

His theoretical work first established at Miami University's Department of Philosophy, the University of Chicago's Conceptual Foundation of Science at the Morris Fishbein History of Medicine at the University of Chicago, and the University of Washington's department history of science.

The conceptual evolution of Experimental Science involving Optics, Light, Mathematical Intuition, and Temporality is front and center in his theoretical excavations. It is always related to mainstream philosophical problems involving objectivities and subjectivities transformation in the evolution of mainstream philosophy. More recently, he continues to incorporate this theoretics into his firsthand experience of accelerator science at Stanford’s Slac's SSRL and the newest beamlines at LCLS.