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Susannah Hays

Independent Researcher and Education Consultantat Intropy=Entropy Institute
United States

SUSANNAH HAYS, MFA, PhD is an Independent Researcher and Education Consultant presently providing educational and exhibition outreach to I=E Institute, San Francisco; CIRET, Paris; and CETRANS, São Paulo, Brazil. Formerly on the faculty of the San Francisco Art Institute she is an internationally known fine art photographer whose philosophical approach to image-making contributes to her understanding of the human predicament. By way of Nature’s Discourse: A Co-Evolutionary Systems Approach to Art and Environmental Design (U.C. Berkeley, 2016) and Nature’s Discourse: Transdisciplinarity and Vagus Nerve Functioning (Atlas, 2018), her focus is on the biological imperative for Humanity programs to instill the necessary curricula that would responsibly transform our somatically pressured autonomic nervous system so humans may learn to refine and adapt their largely dormant potential to evolve consciousness. Susannah lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  www.susannahhays.com