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Artemis Sanchez Moroni

Researcherat CTI Renato Archer
Artemis Moroni
Focus area: Generative Practices, Generative Art

Artemis Moroni is a researcher at CTI Renato Archer, Brazil, in the Cyber-Physical Systems Division. She is a pioneer in Art and Technology, having participated in the 20th and 21st São Paulo International Biennials with interactive installations. The VOX POPULI system, part of her doctoral project, was recently recognized as one that revolutionized theory and research in musical technology. Currently, Artemis Moroni is the coordinator of the GaiaSenses project: a mobile application for generating audiovisual compositions from planetary platforms. The project aims to establish a more intimate connection between individuals and the realities of climate change, promoting heightened environmental sensitivity.

Journal Articles:
Special Section: Pioneers and Pathbreakers

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Ways Means

Vox Populi: An Interactive Evolutionary System for Algorithmic Music Composition

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