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Alexander Mehler

Professor of Computational Humanities / Text-technologyat Goethe-University Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main,
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Digital Humanities, Linguistics

Alexander Mehler is professor of Computational Humanities / Text-technology at Goethe University Frankfurt where he heads the Text Technology Lab (TTLab). He is member of the board of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (CEDIFOR) and founding member of the German Society for Network Research (DGNet). His research interests include quantitative analysis and simulative synthesis of language in both spoken and written communication. To this end, he studies linguistic networks using models of language evolution, machine learning, and complex network theory. One of his current research interests concerns 4D text technologies based on virtual reality, augmented reality, and augmented virtuality.

Journal Articles:
Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks

Evolution of Romance Language in Written Communication: Network Analysis of Late Latin and Early Romance Corpora

June 2011