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Leonardo Reviews Style Sheet

Reviewers should refer to the following house-style sheet for the format and layout of review copy to be submitted for publication in Leonardo Reviews.

Title: Subtitle (14 pt Arial font in bold)

by Author's/Producer's Name (12 pt Arial font in plain)
Publisher's name, Place of Publication, Year of Publication
000 pp., illus. b/w, col. Trade, $00.00; paper, $00.00
ISBN: 0-000-00000-0; ISBN: 0-000-00000-0

Reviewed by Reviewer's Name (12 pt Arial font in plain)
Address Line 2, etc.


Insert main body text (12 pt Arial font in plain)

Brief guidance notes:

  • Use one line space to separate paragraphs. Do not indent at the start of a paragraph.
  • Create new lines and spaces between lines using manual line breaks (Shift + Return in MS Word) rather that just pressing the Return key. Pressing the Return key alone produces a paragraph break instead of a line break when it comes to convert the text to HTML. In Word you can see the difference between a manual line break and a paragraph by clicking the Show/Hide ¶ symbol next to the Zoom window in the menu bar. The manual line break symbol appears as a bent arrow in grey, and the paragraph as a greyed out ¶. All the line breaks in the downloadable Word documents below are manual line breaks
  • Use italics for titles of works.
  • Use quotations marks (") for short quotations.
  • For long quotations use quotation marks and separate as a block with line spaces.
  • Use long dash (em-dash) for breaking sentences and sub-clauses (e.g. "LDR — the scholarly online review service —", as opposed to "LDR -- the scholarly online review service --"). On the Mac this can be produced by Alt (Option) + Shift + Hyphen. On PCs, you can insert an em dash by holding down the ALT key, then pressing 0151 on the numeric keypad.
  • For bibliographical references, follow the Leonardo editorial guidelines. Do not supply copy with MS Word footnotes or endnotes embedded. These will not convert to HTML. Use sequential numbering of notes in square brackets, e.g. [1] and add notes text at the end of the copy corresponding to numbers.
  • References to page numbers should take the form (p. 000).
  • Use single space for start of new sentence.
  • If in doubt, check the Leonardo editorial guidelines, look at formatted texts posted on the Leonardo Reviews archive or consult Michael Punt.