Leonardo at CAA 2021

By Danielle Siembieda

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Leonardo Schedule of Events

A Vision for Change: A New Media Architecture Uniting the Arts and Sciences

Leonardo Education and Art Forum
Prerecorded panel presentation available Friday, 5 February – 15 March 2021
Live Q & A: Wednesday, 10 February 7:00–7:30 a.m. PST / 10:00–10:30 a.m. EST, Find your time zone here


Gustavo Alfonso Rincon, University of California Santa Barbara
Erica Hruby, Leonardo Editorial Director


JoAnn Cecile Kuchera-Morin, Director of the Allospher University of California Santa Barbara: "Composing and Performing Complex Systems: From the Quantum to the Cosmological"

Cletus James Dalglish-Schommer, Professor at Otis College of Art and Design: "A New Mode of Inclusivity in the Areas of Art, Science, and Technology"

Liliana Conlisk Gallegos, Associate Professor – Decolonial Media Studies, California State University, San Bernardino: "Decolonization through the Expansion of Borders: How the legacy of Chicana Indigenous Mestiza Nepantlera Consciousness of Resistance Provides a Vision Toward a 'New' Media Architecture Uniting the Arts and Sciences"

Yoon Chung Han, Assistant Professor at San Jose State University: "The Roads on Your Veins: Revealing Hidden Narratives in Human Veins and Visualizing Veins and Map Data Using Technology"


Leonardo Education and Art Forum - Business Meeting

Wednesday 10 February 2020
9:30–10:15 a.m. PST / 12:30–1:45 p.m. EST, Find your timezone here
Open to all

Moderated by Gustavo Alfonso Rincon, UCSB, and Leonardo Editorial Director Erica Hruby

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 Real Time Evolution: Autopoiesis in Contemporary Art-and-Biology

Available now for viewing
13 February 2021
Q & A 6:00 - 6:30 pm

Chaired by Charissa Terranova and Meredith Tromble

Pasts and Futures of Futorology: Cultural Moldings and Modifications of Evolutionary Science and Ecology, c. 1970 Charissa N. Terranova
Desmond Morris Is a Strange Man: Surrealism, Evolution, and Paintings by Chimpanzees Kirsten J. Strom
Lateral Thinking: Cross-overs between Transmissions, Emissions, Recessions Ellen K. Levy
Art World Evolving: Metaphors of Change and the Global System Meredith Tromble
Patricia Olynyk is the respondent