By Tosh Swain
Image of an aerial view of the Yerevan Botanical Gardens. Surrounding the building is a forest of trees. The building itself is circular with a center tower. All sides show vegetation growing out of it as a sanctuary for rare plants.

Photo Credit: Yerevan Botanical Garden. Courtesy of CYLAND Foundation Inc.

Don’t miss the Yerevan Botanical Garden opening at CYFEST-15. 

WHEN: 6–18 September 2023
WHERE: 1 Acharyan Str., Yerevan, Armenia

For the first time in its history, the Yerevan Botanical Garden opens its doors to contemporary media art. 

Image of a contemporary art piece surrounded by plants in the Yerevan Botanical Garden building. The art piece consists of two blown-up shapes with a light-colored, striped pattern; the one on the left is standing with a curved in its structure, the one o

Photo Credit: Irina Korina, On Vacation, 2019. Courtesy of CYLAND Foundation Inc. (© Irina Korina. Photo © Anastasia Soboleva)


The Yerevan Botanical Garden is a scientific, eco-educational, and regenerative institution. Opened in 1935, the Garden’s collection includes more than 200 species of endemic, rare, and declining plants, and provides a basis for the study of Armenian flora and the ecological interactions between plant species. The Garden was opened in 1935. It is situated in the north-eastern part of Yerevan and currently occupies around 80 hectares of a natural environment. 

CYFEST-15 in Yerevan is dedicated to (anti)fragility of human and non-human body, biological, social and cyberspaces, stories and scenarios of the future as well as confrontations and relationships with the world in a state of transition.

Theme: Vulnerability
Dates: September 2-18, 2023
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Venues: HayArt Cultural Center, Yerevan Botanical Garden, Institute for Contemporary Art (I.C.A. Yerevan)

The exhibition features the works of 14 international artists and a unique curatorial selection of records from CYLAND Audio Archive (CAA). View full program.

The CYLAND Audio Archive (CAA) is a division of CYLAND MediaArtLab, created to investigate archiving and exhibiting methodologies of sound art. This archive is a continuous process of working on a structure of various subgenres of sound art, making compilations, and cataloging the growing archive. To date, there are 58 releases in the archive, including works by more than 80 artists from every continent except Antarctica. All the records are available for listening on

Sound art has consistently been a part of CYLAND’s festivals and exhibitions.

Black and white image of Nao Nishihara's sound performance in Yerevan. His performance is an abstract musical expression in a friendly street style with a drum on his back.

Photo Credit: Nao Nishihara, Sound Performance. Courtesy of CYLAND Foundation Inc.


Here is the selection of records for CYFEST-15 in Yerevan: 

  • CAA—1 Nick Edwards 
  • CAA—2 Peter Vogel
  • CAA—3 Hans Tammen
  • CAA—4 Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov
  • CAA—5 Kurvenschreiber
  • CAA—7 Art Electronics 
  • CAA—8 Pete Um
  • CAA—9 Jonas Gruska
  • CAA—10 Yoshio Machida
  • CAA—12 Vasily Stepanov
  • CAA—13 Sasash Ulz
  • CAA—14 Georgy Bagdasarov
  • CAA—15 Max Kuiper & Thorstan Soltau
  • CAA—16 Mark Hannesson
  • CAA—17 Akira Rabelais