In memoriam: Jürgen Claus, 1935-2023 | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

In memoriam: Jürgen Claus, 1935-2023

By Roger Malina


Dear Nora,


I am so profoundly sorry to hear of Jurgen's passing. He was a titan, a force of nature, and will be so dearly missed. 


Jurgen and I met almost 40 years ago. Even as a graduate student at MIT he treated me, my ideas and work with a deep respect and enthusiasm that I had not experienced even from my closest mentors. He was able to see, synthesize and connect so many concepts and practices past, present and future into new creative cosmologies. He was prolific and transformative in both concrete and history making ways - and in those (like small kindnesses) that weren't always visible to others. By including me in his writing and philosophy, he helped me as a very young artist in the beginning of my journey to feel truly seen and associated with the greatest minds and makers of our generation. I am grateful for his friendship and joyful that his incandescent life will shine with more than mortal light in the minds of those who continue to read his words and experience his works.


In loving memory,