Staying with the Microbial Trouble | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Staying with the Microbial Trouble

By Paulina Sierra

We are so used to our human ways. Writing stories about how men and women have apparently tamed the natural, yielding it to our benefit. Working with microbial fuel cells so far has been humbling to say the least. It has been a journey of waiting, of letting certainties go, of working at the non-human's pace. For a moment I forgot, the process not the outcome was the collaboration in itself. I had to go back to Donna Haraway's, Staying With the Trouble:

"And so I look for real stories that are also speculative fabulations and speculative realisms. These are stories in which multispecies players, who are enmeshed in partial and flawed translations across difference, redo ways of living and dying attuned to still possible finite flourishing, still possible recuperation."

I'm at awe of the potential in their resilience. I am grateful I was given the time and space to grasp, the vulnerability of not knowing the outcome. Bacteria did.