Time is a Social Construct (The Only Truth is Now) | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Time is a Social Construct (The Only Truth is Now)

By Aiyesha Ghani

July 9, 2023 (?)

It's hard to believe that we're almost halfway through.

It seems as though we have only recently arrived.

Despite our disparate origins and experiences, there is an intangible thread connecting us (of this cohort) like a switchboard of long distance tin-can phones.

A lingering conversation from the past, waiting to be had -- longing to be heard.


I cannot help but reflect

upon the truth of the moment.

The stories unearthed into our bodies

though our feet and our hands,

treading diligently and lightly on these trails,

with grounded purpose ---

as we find relation to both the known

and unknown

of this majestic,



forever moment.

Every Friday night, we gather around the dinner table for focused conversations, where we get to know each other -- our work and our inner workings -- a little better. This past Friday we were given a gift...The Gift -- a recent original collaboration by Dr. Natalie Gosnell and. Janani Balasubramanian.

Companion stars that are dying will transfer nearly all of their matter to their companions over hundreds or thousands of years. Mass transfer.

The Gift spoke to many parts of me -- the parts that I know to be beyond the confines of space and time -- and the conversation around the dinner table that Friday night opened a small portal into the infinite. It was a type of mass transfer. The Gift is the joy, the grief, the sharing -- the transmutation of ourselves as individuals(in this cohort), and secret collaborators in forging forward into uncharted seas of knowing and being together.

In so much gratitude for all,