By Diana Ayton-Shenker

UPDATE March 21, 2022: Leonardo is anguished and appalled by news of the direct targeting of non-military cultural sites, including the bombing of Art School No. 12 and The Donetsk Regional Theatre of Drama in Mariupol, Ukraine, where hundreds of children, women, and elderly had sought refuge. The brutal attacks on civilians shock human conscience, assault human dignity, and violate humanitarian law and norms. In solidarity with hybrid creatives caught in this crisis, Leonardo offers a corridor of hope in our community of practice, experimentation and scholarship. We stand with and for the safety, security, and freedom of all artists, scientists, technologists.

Leonardo stands for the free and open exchange of ideas and access to Art, Science, & Technology. We abhor acts of violence, oppression, and military aggression that replace such freedom with fear and intimidation.  We recognize that the suppression of creativity anywhere is a threat to humanity everywhere. Please join us in solidarity with creative interventions underway and ongoing from members of the Leosphere and beyond.

NOTE: this list is in formation; we welcome your suggestions to add or update.

These turbulent times call on us to deepen our shared commitment to Leonardo's community, mission, and vision:

Mission: Leonardo fosters transformation at the nexus of art, science, and technology because complex problems require creative solutions. We serve to empower an inclusive global network, a borderless community where all belong in pursuit of a more vibrant, just, and regenerative world.

Vision: Leonardo activates creativity to push the boundaries of today and unleash the possibilities of tomorrow.

- Diana Ayton-Shenker
CEO, Leonardo/ISAST