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Djerassi support

By Kathy High

When artist Weidon Yang and I were preparing for the Open House installation of our interactive project "Sharing" (with a beating heart that you could hold in your hand), we solicited the help of Djerassi staff member Wade Watkins to help us make the base for the piece.

I had found an oak log by the side of the path not far from the Artist Barn. We wanted to make a wooden stump (about 18” high), that was hollowed out inside – to hide out equipment. And then have a 2” thick slice of the log for the top.

Wade expertly wielded his chain saw and cut all parts to perfection – even thinking through details we had not yet considered!
Terradactyl image in rot of log
Djerassi staff member Wade Watkins
The bonus was that when we looked closely at the pattern from the rot in the top slice of the log there was a beautiful image of a hummingbird on one side of the slice – and a dragon/terradactyl on the other!

It was such a pleasure to work with Wade and all the other staff members at Djerassi. Such care!! Thank you!

Djerassi staff member Wade Watkins with log installation stand