Playwright's Log 7.2.19 - A Few Clumsy Thoughts on Dark Energy | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Playwright's Log 7.2.19 - A Few Clumsy Thoughts on Dark Energy

By Derek Lee McPhatter

Random news reading --> Washington Post --> Google News-ing, and then on the radio. Keep encoutering this topic:

Dark Energy is a force that makes the universe expand instead of contract

Is Dark Energy defying gravity? Or redefining it?

I don't know. I should read more things.

Astrophysicists study supernovae and galaxy clusters to make observations...  Your iPhone camera doesn't have an app for this.  You need a special camera. And a telescope. Like one of those big ones. Serious folks have been at it since 2013, so data-filled reports are coming out now.

Dark Energy Camera

Image from Dark Energy Suvey.

Consider the metaphysical implications. Blackness. Darkness, the drive to explore, to journey, ultimate ends … calculus, the limit.  If Dark Energy in this framework is a property embedded in the fabric of existence...

But also Dark Energy’s articulated presence and power as a naturally occurring phenomena to further disrupt a racial subtext frequently lurking within Western epistemologies and cosmologies...

(Let there be light, angels all in white…The power of darkness, Othello...Vader)