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LEA Top Seventeen in Visual Arts Publications

By Lanfranco

Lanfranco Aceti, Visiting Professor and Research Affiliate at MIT and Director of the Arts Administraiton Program at Boston University, is delighted to announce that LEA published by MIT Press continues to rise in the academic rankings. Prof Aceti has been the editor in chief of the publication for the past ten years.  During 2017 LEA reached number 17. This is thanks to a series of new publications and to the support of Goldsmiths, University of London.

Despite the current financial crisis and a general lack of support for the arts, LEA has continued to operate thanks to our editors and reviewers, who have invested and continue to invest time and effort in the development of the publication.

There will be new announcements following a two-year re-development of LEA that will coincide with the ten-year anniversary of the tenure of the current Editor in Chief, Lanfranco Aceti, and with the 50 year anniversary of Leonardo.

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