By Patricia Bentson
I'm having trouble fathoming that a whole year has gone by since the launch and first edition of Scientific Delirium Madness (SDM#1), the month-long artist/scientist residency hosted by the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in partnership with Leonardo/ISAST. Nevertheless, here we are!  I am thrilled to report that SDM#2 is indeed starting off with a bang -- and the excitement will continue, if the myriad all-over-the-map conversations among the participants during dinner last night are an indication of the energy and ideas we can expect to hear about over the coming weeks. During the course of this year's residency, artists and scientists will explore the boundaries of art and science, and very possibly transform their own work in the process. This year's group of artists and scientists arrive at the Djerassi ranch from a fascinating mix of disciplines:  Allison Cobb, Writer, Portland, OR; Luca Forcucci, Composer/Media Artist, Italy; Deborah Forster, Primatologist/Cognitive Scientist, San Diego, CA; Eathan Janney, Composer/Scientist, Brooklyn, NY; Christine Lee, Visual Artist, Oakland, CA; Rachel Mayeri, Media Artist, Los Angeles, CA; Guillermo Munoz, Physicist, Valencia, Spain; Kate Nichols, Interdisciplinary Artist/Designer, San Francisco, CA; Karl Schaffer, Mathematician/Choreographer, Scotts Valley, CA; Laurel Shastri, Choreographer, Scotts Valley, CA; Eleni Sikelianos, Writer, Boulder, CO; Tami Spector, Physical Organic Chemist/Writer, San Francisco, CA; and Caroline Wellbery, Medical Doctor/Writer, Bethesda, MD. Once again,  the artists and scientists have been invited as contribute to this blog and share their experiences and insights about their time together.   Stay tuned! I'd like to thank the leadership and staff at DRAP for the opportunity to join forces on SDM -- especially, of course, Margot Knight, Executive Director; Celia Olsen, Resident Program Manager; Terra Fuller, Stewardship and Events Associate; Alice Marshall, Program Assistant; Judy Freeland, Residency Coordinator; Tom Shean, Facilities Manager; Dan Tosh, Chef; and all of the facilities staff, as well as the DRAP Board of Trustees.