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30 Years of Leonardo Music Journal

Photo illustration by Jennifer Rodriguez. Respire © Kıvanç Tatar. Photo © Adriano Fagundes.

Groundbreaking Contemporary Music and Sonic Art

Science and technology have changed our understanding of sound and music. For decades, Leonardo Music Journal has documented the ways in which science and technology became relevant to contemporary composers and sound artists, including those who developed new multimedia art forms that combined sound with other media and interactive technologies. Contributors to the journal include such influencers of our time as Philip Glass, David Byrne, John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Lucier, and more.

Published by MIT Press, LMJ has for 30 years been the companion annual journal to Leonardo. Beginning in 2021, we elevate the visibility of music and sound art with yearlong inclusion in Leonardo journal, retiring LMJ as a separate publication after Volume 30, December 2020. We thank every artist, writer, staff editor, guest editor, editorial board member, peer reviewer, researcher, academic and curator who contributed to 30 successful years of LMJ.

We celebrate this great body of work and invite you to experience multidimensional music and sound art from hundreds of authors worldwide.

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Memorable Moments from LMJ's Editorial Board

"The cultural terrain has shifted, 'sound art' has emerged as a distinct genre."

– Nicolas Collins, former Editor-in-Chief

"Inclusive rather than exclusive, [we intend] to publish articles dealing with a wide range of musical ideas, styles, technologies and aesthetics."

– Larry Polansky, LMJ founding editor


Discover Our Most Popular Content

From Stethoscopes to Headphones: An Acoustic Spatialization of Subjectivity
By Charles Stankievech
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 17 (2007)

Respire: Virtual Reality Art with Musical Agent Guided by Respiratory Interaction
Kıvanç Tatar, Mirjana Prpa and Philippe Pasquier
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 29 (2019)

Algorithms as Scores: Coding Live Music
By Thor Magnusson
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 21 (2011)

The Musical Geometry of Genes: Generating Rhythms from DNA 
By Alvaro Yanez
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 29 (2019)

A Compositional Approach Derived from Material and Ephemeral Elements
By Ellen Fullman
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 22 (2012)

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Articles That Revolutionized Theory and Research

Too Many Notes: Computers, Complexity and Culture in Voyager 
By George E. Lewis
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 10 (2000)

Vox Populi: An Interactive Evolutionary System for Algorithmic Music Composition
By Artemis Moroni, Jônatas Manzolli, Fernando Von Zuben and Ricardo Gudwin
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 10 (2000)

Displaced Soundscapes: A Survey of Network Systems for Music and Sonic Art Creation 
By Álvaro Barbosa
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 13 (2003)

Glenn Gould, the Vanishing Performer and the Ambivalence of the Studio 
By Tim Hecker
Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 18 (2008)

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