Mushroom Field — Upcycling


Radwan Beshr

Ehsan Naimat

Yara Al Qawasmi

Belal Joudi

Heba Qatabi


Projection mapping, Motion sensor, Sculpture (paper, cardboard)

Wide shot of installation with mushrooms of various sizes on indoor grass against a leafy wall.


The main issue that “Mushroom Field” addresses is the need for people to understand human impact on the environment. This is a complex issue with many different facets, but it is essential for us to understand how our actions are affecting the planet if we want to make meaningful changes. How can we reduce our impact on the planet and protect the environment for future generations?

The project consists of an installation that includes digital projection and interactive technology. The  installation centers around sculptural mushrooms to discuss the environmental waste of humans. Mushrooms are known for their ability to decompose waste. Here they deliver a message of responsible consumption.

Many people are not aware of the ways in which their actions are affecting the planet, and they may not know what they can do to reduce their impact. We believe that education is the key to solving the environmental problems that we face. By revealing and illustrating human impact on the environment, we can inspire people to take action to protect the planet for future generations. We hope to leave a lasting impression on our audience by showing them the result of our actions as consumers.

Overhead shot of five larger white mushrooms and six smaller mushrooms interspersed against the grass.
Poster hung on the wall depicting environmental waste information and an image of a red mushroom. At the top reads Our Impact in English and Arabic.
Close-up of large and shorter mushrooms on the ground; the large mushroom stalk is detailed with brown shading.
Front of installation where visitors are instructed to place their feet to view the work.

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