ComGame — Love Over Fear


Sondos Al-Zaben

Yafa Darweesh

Noor Zahran


Projection Mapping, Interactive visuals, Audio reactive

Against a yellow wall, two microphones on stands are paralleled, hanging above a white table with video game controllers on it.


​​In our modern digital era, where smartphones reign and constant connection is the norm, meaningful face-to-face conversations have become increasingly scarce. People find themselves ensnared by their digital devices, resulting in an extensive feeling of disconnection from genuine human interactions. This project seeks to tackle this issue by promoting and nurturing authentic human communication, serving as a sort of "digital detox." Our core message is simple: connecting with others can be as fun and enjoyable as playing a video game. The uniqueness of this initiative lies in its team-based interactive approach, aptly named "ComGame," which engages participants as they interact with one another. Beyond this, we underscore the paramount importance of human communication for mental health and overall well-being.

Metal container holds a deep blue card reading “ComGame Love over Fear” in pixelated lettering.
Retro game controller with red buttons and a player 1 label on top of a white table.
Retro game controller with red buttons and a player 2 label on top of a white table.
Two hands holding up and reading a card; in the background is a colorful retro projection reading game on the table with a controller.

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