Human Touch


Leena Amayiri


Heart rate sensing, Interactive visuals, CRT monitor, Ambient audio

Overview of space with greyscale images plastered on the wall, plants in the corner, a chair in the center facing an old computer monitor.


In a fast-paced world, humans often lose sight of their true essence and the power they hold within. Amid the rush of progress, we often forget the tools and technologies that once accompanied us along the journey. The old becomes overshadowed by the new.

'Human Touch' is an open invitation for everyone to reconnect with the potency of their touch. It's a reminder of how our touch can breathe life into ancient technology — an old computer that becomes a window to our cherished memories. Here, we witness the magic of our touch, as it orchestrates thousands of moving particles, like a dance of nostalgia.

In this moment, the past collides with the present, and we learn to appreciate the tools that paved our path. With a simple human touch, we breathe life into the forgotten, ensuring the old never fades from our memory. It's a celebration of the profound influence of 'Human Touch' on our journey through time and technology.

Various cymatic images in grey, green, and red are plastered on the wall, on the right is an old computer monitor with a single short green line running vertical.
Close-up of wooden bench with three modems and radios in the center, surrounded is a keyboard and plants. In the background is a clock and posters on a wall.
Light, sandy brick wall with a pair of wired headphones on a hook.
Close-up of an action figure on top of a computer monitor interacting with a miniature set. In the background is a large plant.