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Leonardo CripTech Incubator is an art and technology fellowship for disability innovation. Encompassing residencies, workshops, presentations, publication and education, this innovation incubator creates a platform for disabled artists to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. Employing a broad understanding of technologies, including prosthetic tools, neural networks, software and the built environment, CripTech Incubator reimagines enshrined notions of how a body-mind can move, look, communicate.


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CripTech Fellows 2022-2023

<p>Meesh in black and white with a white background. They are looking to the side, wearing a striped long sleeve shirt, and have big curly hair.</p>
United States
<p>Against a blurry background of rocks and ocean, a close-up of an olive-skinned man with brown eyes, a dark, close-trimmed beard, and a gray hat.</p>
<p>A self-portrait of a shadowed figure wearing camouflage surrounded by green foliage and blue sky seen through a pane of fracture</p>
United States
New York, NY
<p>A white man with neglected sandy blond hair and a red and grey beard. He has blue eyeshot are trying to make eye contact with you. He is partially smiling with his mouth closed. He has dimples. His mother says he looks like Beau Bridges.</p>
United States
<p> A woman with long straight black hair past shoulder-length, brown eyes, and wearing a green, blue and black floral top.</p>
San Francisco

CripTech Incubator Field Notes

By Vanessa Chang

Join Claudia Alick on the First Friday and Third Monday of every month to talk everything Criptech! This will be an open space to talk about the intersections of disability, art and technology,...

By Jennifer Strickland

Groundworks aims to raise an initial $5,000 to defray the costs of working directly with the artists to explore their processes in ways that are accessible and...

By Danielle Siembieda

Leonardo/ISAST announces CripTech Incubator’s 2022-2023 inaugural cohort of six disabled artists, who have been selected to create and showcase innovative work in art and technology at residency...

By Vanessa Chang



By Danielle Siembieda

Leonardo/ISAST receives $500K for CripTech Incubator from California Arts Council Innovations + Intersections Grants