"Zero@wavefunction" by Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski. (copyright: Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski)

Leonardo/ISAST Programs

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Leonardo/ISAST Programs

Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) is recognized as a global leader in the interdisciplinary world of art/science/technology. For nearly 50 years Leonardo has promoted and publicized the work of creative individuals who look beyond the barriers that separate the arts and sciences, focusing instead on the strengths that emerge from cross-fertilization among disciplines.

Today we see heightened awareness and interest in these hybridized practices, as the challenges facing society become increasingly complex. Our programs and activities reflect the exploding interest in this evolving field:


Building on its renowned scholarly print publications, The Leonardo Publishing Program has grown to include online and electronic publishing initiatives that reach out to a broader audience. Current explorations include projects in interactive and emerging media, encompassing both open participation and peer-review practices, to meet the needs and interests of the Leonardo community. Publications include Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal (in print and on-line) and the Leonardo Book Series (all published by the MIT Press); and the digital/electronic publications Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Leonardo On-Line, Leonardo eBooks, Leonardo Reviews, Leonardo Statements and Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS). The Leonardo Archives encompass 45 years of articles that provide a history of ground-breaking work by thousands of artists, scientists, technologists and theorists.


The Leonardo Affiliate Program is at the heart of Leonardo’s thriving online community of artist and scientist professionals (and their institutions) working in the art/science/technology field. The Affiliate Program connects ground-breaking universities, departments, companies and individuals to Leonardo and to each other. In addition we have a rich history of collaborative activities with like-minded and complementary organizations and institutions around the world. Through the Leonardo Network, as well as targeted working groups and online forums, Leonardo serves as a center of knowledge sharing, resources, best practices and documentation in the field.

Leonardo's role as convener, facilitator, provocateur and innovative leader in art/science/technology has resulted in the presentation of hundreds of Art/Science/Technology Events around the world. The popular LASERs (Leonardo Art & Science Evening Rendezvous) are lecture/networking gatherings that spotlight art and science practitioners and thinkers. Leonardo collaborates with organizations such as NetSci and ZER01 in the presentation of thematic symposia. And Leonardo meetings, workshops and gatherings are conducted each year within international conferences such as the annual ISEA and SIGGRAPH conferences.

Our recognition of the innovation possible through the active collaborations of artists and scientists is also apparent in all of our programs, including Art/Science Residencies (such as the Scientific Delirium Madness artist/scientist residency in collaboration with the Djerassi Resident Artists Program), the Leonardo Awards Program, Leonardo Fellowship Program, the Leonardo Collaborative Initiatives Program, and the Leonardo Educators and Students Program.

Leonardo has long served as a critical resource for classroom curricula and student research. Leonardo promotes the advancement of scholarship in the field of art/science/technology through the Leonardo Educators and Students Program, which focuses on such activities and intiatives as the Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS), student internships, publication discounts for students and educators, and student art/science contests. Our working group the Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) organizes panel discussions and other activities of interest to the education and academic communities at conferences and symposia.

Updated 1 May 2016