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Leonardo Call for Papers

Live Art and Science on the Internet

The Internet has become a venue and medium for art that continues the impulse to broadcast ideas to a worldwide audience. Leonardo and Guest Editor Martha Wilson seek texts on the subject of "Live Art and Science on the Internet" for a series of special sections in both the international print journal Leonardo and online www.leonardo.info.

As artists and others produce live art on the Internet, liveness, presence, mediatization, online activism, surveillance, and identity/gender, among other related issues, are being explored. We seek texts documenting such work as well as texts on the history of this field of practice and the vocabulary being used to describe it. We also seek texts from scientists who have used the Internet to conduct science investigations live on line.

Guest Editor Martha Wilson and her peer review committee seek Statements (500 words and one image describing one work), Notes (2,500 words and 6 images describing a body of work), Galleries (750-word curator's introduction plus 10 images by individual artists, each with a 200-word caption) and Articles (5,000 words and 12 images). Texts describing the work of an artist or scientist must be written by the artists or scientists themselves, with co-authors if necessary.

This call for papers is open for 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Please send initial statement of interest with a brief explanation of your project to Martha Wilson Leonardo@franklinfurnace.org. For author guidelines, follow the link "Info for Authors" on Leonardo On-Line www.leonardo.info.

Uploaded 4 December 2003.

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