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Soviet Bibliography

Books on the theme "Art, Science and Technology" published in the Soviet Union from 1917--1991 (in Russian). Compiled by Bulat M. Galeyev. Translated by Vladimir G. Chudnovsky. Listed in chronological order.

1. Balmont, K. D., Light-Sound in Nature and the Light Symphonies of Scriabin (Moscow: Rosmuzizdat, 1917) 24 pp.

2. Braudo, E. M., Bases of Material Culture in Music (Moscow: Novaya Moskva, 1924) 168 pp.

3. Gidoni, G. I., The Art of Light and Color (Leningrad: self-published, 1930) 32 pp.

4. Ioffe, I. I., The Synthetic Study of Art and Sound Cinema (Leningrad: GMNII, 1937) 412 pp.

5. Tasalov, B., The Aesthetics of Technicism: A Critical Essay (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1960) 152 pp.

6. Leontyev, K. L., Music and Color (Moscow: Znanie, 1961) 64 pp.

7. Anfilov, G., Physics and Music (Moscow: Detgiz, 1962) 191 pp.

8. Dmitriyeva, N. A., Image and Word (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1962) 314 pp.

9. Zaripov, R. Kh., Cybernetics and Music (Moscow: Znaniye, 1963) 56 pp.

10. Filipjev, Yu., Creativity and Cybernetics (Moscow: Nauka, 1964) 79 pp.

11. Leontjev, K. L., Color of Prometheus (Moscow: Znaniye, 1965) 128 pp.

12. Alphonsov, V., Words and Colors: Essays on the History of the Creative Communications of Poets and Artists (Moscow: Sovetsky Pisatel, 1966) 243 pp.

13. Pereverzev, L. B., Art and Cybernetics (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1966) 136 pp.

14. Termen, L. S., Physics and Musical Art (Moscow: Znanie, 1966) 32 pp.

15. Tasalov, V., Prometheus or Orpheus: Art of the Technological Century (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1967) 372 pp.

16. Trostnikov, V. N., The Algebra of Harmony (Moscow: Znanie, 1968) 80 pp.

17. The Concord of Sciences and the Mystery of Creativity (collection of articles) (Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1968) 450 pp.

18. Gutchin, I. B., Cybernetic Models of Creativity (Moscow: Znaniye, 1969) 62 pp.

19. Conference: "Light and Music " (conference papers) (Kazan: Kazan Aviation Institute Press, 1969) 95 pp.

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24. Smolyaninov, I., Scientific and Technological Progress and Problems in Art (Leningrad: Znanie, 1972) 32 pp.

25. The Problem of Time and Art in Cinema (Moscow: VGIK, 1972) 142 pp.

26. Semiotics and Art: Modern Foreign Research (collection) (Moscow: Mir, 1972) 364 pp.

27. Precise Methods and Musical Art (symposium papers) (Rostov Univ. Press, 1972) 248 pp.

28. Artistic and Scientific Creativity (collection of articles) (Leningrad: Nauka, 1972) 336 pp.

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40. Structuralism: For and Against (collection of translations) (Moscow: Progress, 1975) 468 pp.

41. Art, Image and Structure (collection of articles) (Moscow: Nauka, 1975) 231 pp.

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See also the Russian Bibliography, texts through 1994, published in Leonardo 28, No. 1 (1995), and the Leonardo Bibliography of Soviet Articles.

The full texts of the special issue Prometheus: Art, Science and Technology in the Former Soviet Union can be found in Leonardo 27, No. 5 (1994), which is available through the MIT Press.

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