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Russian Books on Art, Science and Technology

Compiled by Leonardo International Co-Editor Bulat M. Galeyev and Vladimir G. Chudnovsky.

For additional citations, see Leonardo Vol. 27, No. 5 (1994) pp. 453-460; Vol. 28, No. 1 (1995) p. 67; and Vol. 31, No. 2 (1998) pp. 156-157.

Updated 25 November 2003 by Bulat M. Galeyev.

Afanasjev, V.V. Light-Sound Music Harmony: Elementary Theory of Audio-Visual Stimuli (Moscow: Muzyka, 2002), 70 pp.

Afasyzhev M.N. Alternatives of modernism (Moscow, Institute iskusstvoznanya, 1998) 232 pp.

Akopyan, L. Analysis of Basic Structure of Musical Text (Moscow: Praktika, 1995), 300 pp.

Alexandrova, L.V. Order and Symmetry in the Art of Music: Logical and Historical Aspects (Novosibirsk: Konservatoria, 1995), 372 pp.

Alkon, E.M. Musical thinking process in the East and West: Continual and discrete: A research (Vladivostok: University, 1999) 125 pp.

Allahverdov, V.M. Psychology of Art: An Essay on the Mystery of Emotional Influence of Art Works (St.Petersburg: DNK, 2001), 200 pp.

Alpherov, Yu.A. Color Psychology in Prisons: Color Therapy and Diagnostics (Domodedovo: MVD Rossii, 1996), 135 pp.

Arkadyev, M. A. Temporal Structures of New European Music, 2nd Ed. (Moscow: Biblos, 1993) 167 pp.

Avotonomova, Kandinsky (album and introduction) (Moscow: Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo, 1993) 31 pp.

Azizyan, N.A. Dialog of Arts of Silver Age (Moscow: Progress-Tradition , 2001), 400 pp.

Aznachayeva, Ye.N. Musical Principles of the Structure of Literature and Artistic Texts (Perm: University Press,1994), in 3 vol.

Batrakova, S.P. Art and Myth: On the History of Painting in XX Century (Moscow: Nauka , 2002), 213 pp.

Berezhansky, P.N. Absolute Pitch: It's Nature, Genesis, Method of Formation and Development (Moscow: Conservatory , 2000), 101 pp.

Beriozkin, V.I. The art of scenography in the world theatre: From the sources to the middle of XX century (Moscow: Editorial URSS, 1997) 541 pp.

Blinov, N.N. On Physical Aspects of Art: Reflections of Professional Physicist (Moscow: Pedagogical Institute , 2002), 111 pp.

Bobrinskaya, Ye.A. Futurism (Moscow: Galart, 2000) 192 pp.

Bobrinskaya, Ye.A. Konzeptualizm (album) (Moscow: Galart,1994), 214 pp.

Bochkarev. L.L., Psychology of musical work (Moscow, Institute of Psychology Press, 1997) 352 pp.

Borzenko, A, and Fedorov, A. Multi-Media for All (Moscow: Computerpress, 1996), 252 pp.

Boxer, O.Ya. The History of Poetry of Science: An Approach to the Lyrics of Science (Shuya: Pedagogical Institute , 1997), 316 pp.

Chezhin, A. Postmodernistic space (Moscow, Vidar, 1998) 72 pp.

Dorfman, M.Ya. Emotions in Art: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Investigations (Moscow: Smysl , 1997), 424 pp.

Dubrovskii, D.Yu. Computer for music amateurs and professionals (Moscow: Triumph, 1999) 399 pp.

Dyakonov, V.P. Popular Encyclopedia of Multimedia (Moscow: ABF, 1996), 390 pp.

Eisenstein, S.M. Psychological Problems of Art (Moscow: Smysl , 2002), 200 pp.

Eisenstein, S.M. The Method: Vol. 1: Grundproblem (Moscow: Museum of Cinema , 2002), 494 pp.

Eisenstein, S.M. The Method: Vol. 2: Secrets of Masters (Moscow: Museum of Cinema , 2002), 687 pp.

Ermakov, I.D. Psycho-analysis of Literature: Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky (Moscow: Novoye Literaturnoye Obozrenie , 1999), 512 pp.

Florensky, P. A. Iconostasis: Selected Works on Art (St. Petersburg, TOO "Mifril," 1993) 365 pp.

Florensky, P. A. Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Artistic and Figurative Works (Moscow: Progress, 1993) 322 pp.

Florensky, P. Iconostasis (Moscow: Iskusstvo,1995), 255 pp.

Florensky, P. Selected Works on Art (Moscow: Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo, 1996), 335 pp.

Frolov, M.I. Multimedia Examples (St. Petersburg: BHV, 1996), 128 pp.

Galeyev, B. Soviet Faustus (Lev Theremin - pioneer of electronic art) (Kazan: Supplement to Kazan magazine, 1995), 96 pp.

Gatchev, G.D. Music and Lighting Civilization. (Moscow: Vuzovskaya Kniga , 1999), 199 pp.

Golomshtok, I. Totalitarian Art (Moscow: Galart, 1994) 295 pp.

Golubyatnikov, I.V. The fundamentals of designing and application of multimedia training systems (Moscow: Mashinostroenie, 1999) 318 pp.

Goncharenko, S.S. Principle of symmetry in Russian music (studies) (Novosibirsk, Conservatorya, 1998) 72 pp.

Gorokhovsky, E. The square, and the square again: Painting (Moscow: B.I., 2001).

Gotsdiner, A. L. Psychology of Music (Moscow: NB Magistr, 1993) 220 pp.

Greenbaum, O.N., Martynenko, G.Ya. Russian sonnet and "golden ratio" of the rhythm (St. Petersburg: University, 1999) 20 pp.

Greshnyh, V.I. The Mystery of Spirit: Prose of German Romantics (Kaliningrad: University , 2001), 405 pp.

Hay, L. Colors and Numbers. A Diary of Affirmations (Moscow: OLMA Press, 1998), 191 pp.

Hendel, M. The Mysteries of Rosenkreitzers; Musical Scale and the Scheme of Evolution (Moscow: Litan , 1999), 261 pp.

Infante, F. A Monography (Moscow: Gosudarstvennaya kollektzya sovremennogo iskusstva, 1999) 271 pp.

Ioskevich, Ya. B. Modern Artistic Developments: Methodology of Complex Approaches (St. Petersburg: Ross. Int Istrorii Iskustv, 1993) 303 pp.

Ivanchenko, G.V. Psychology of Music Perception: Approaches, Problems, Perspectives (Moscow: Smysl , 2001), 264 pp.

Ivanov, V.V. Selected works on semiotics and history of Russian culture, v.1 (Moscow, Yazyki russkoi kultury, 1998) 911 pp.

Ivanov, V.Vs. Selected Works on Semiotics and History of Art, Vol.1 (Moscow: School ‘Languages of Russian Culture’, 1998), 911 pp.

Kagan, M.S. Music in the World of Arts (St. Petersburg: UT, 1996), 232 pp.

Kalyan, V.P. Musics, speech and computer (Moscow, Vych.zentr Ross.akad.nauk, 1998) 38 pp.

Kandinsky, W. Concerning the Spiritual in Art (Moscow: Arkhimed, 1992) 107 pp.

Kandinsky, W.W. Selected Works on Theory of Art, in 2 vol. (Moscow: Gileya , 2001), Vol.1 - 391 pp., Vol.2 - 343 pp.

Kandinsky, W.W. The Point and the Line on the Plane (St. Petersburg: Azbuka , 2001), 558 pp.

Kapterev, A.I. Multimedia As Socio-Cultural Phenomenon (Textbook) (Moscow: Profizdat , 2002), 224 pp.

Kapustin, M. New approach to the modelling of music (Moscow: IPM, 1995) 28 pp.

Kardash, E. Yu. Symbols of Russian Medieval Art: Iconography and Architecture (Obninsk: Int Atomn. Energetiki., 1993) 28 pp.

Khan-Magomedov, S.O. Russian Design Pioneers (Moscow: Galart, 1995), 424 pp.

Khan-Magomedov, S.O. VKHUTEMAS, 1920-1930 (Moscow: Ladya, 1995).

Khardgyev, N.I., Articles on avantguard, 2 Vols. (Moscow, RA, 1997)

Kharitonov, S. S. The Interdependence of the Arts (Yekaterinburg: Yural Univ. Press, 1992) 148 pp.

Kholmogorova, O.V. Soc-Art (album) (Moscow: Galart,1994), 155 pp.

Kholopov, Yu., and Tzenova, V. Edison Denisov (Compositor, 1993) 289 pp.

Kholopova, V.N. Music as an Art Form (Moscow: Conservatory Press, 1995).

Koleichuk, V. Kineticism (Moscow: Galart,1994), 160 pp.

Kolobayeva, L.A. Russian Symbolism (Moscow: MGU Press, 2000), 294 pp.

Kolyadenko, N.P. Musical-Aesthetic Education: Synesthesia and Complex Influence of the Arts (Novosibirsk: Conservatory , 2003), 258 pp.

Korobeinikova, L.A. Metamorphoses of technological culture (Tomsk: University, 1997) 139 pp.

Korobko, V.I. Golden ratio and problems of systems harmony (Moscow, Izdatelstvo associacii stroitelnykh vuzov, 1998) 372 pp.

Koshelev, A.D., ed. Yu. M. Lotman and the Tartu and Moscow Schools of Semiotics (Moscow: Gnosis, 1994) 548 pp.

Kozlov, I.I. The Gaze of Mind: Visual Thinking from Philosopher's Point of View (Moscow: Horizon , 2001), 120 pp.

Krasnych, V.V. Virtual reality or real virtuality? Man. Consciousness. Communication (Moscow: Dialog-MGU, 1998) 350 pp.

Krechman, D., Pushkov, A. Multimedia by your own hands (St.Petersburg: BHV-St. Petersburg, 1999) 528 pp.

Krivulya, N.G. Labyrinths of Animation: A Study of Art Image in Russian Animation Films of the Second Half of XX Century (Moscow: Graal , 2002), 296 pp.

Krupnik, E.P. Psychological influence by the art (Moscow: Psychology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, 1999) 235 pp.

Krusanov, A.V. Russian Vanguard of 1907-1932: Historical Survey (in 3 vol.) (Moscow: Novoye Literaturnoye Obozrenie , 2003), Vol. 1 - 808 pp., Vol. 2 - 608 pp.

Krusanov, A.V. Russian vanguard: 1907 -- 1932 in retrospect, in 3 volumes (St. Petersburg: Gornon, 1996) vol.1, 319 pp.

Kungurov, O.N. Evolution of Artefact: Problem of Crisis of Art in German Aesthetics (Kurgan: Zauralie , 2001), 238 pp.

Kurbatskaya, S. Serial Music: Problems of History, Theory and Aesthetics (Moscow: TZ Sphera, 1996), 340 pp.

Kursakov, V.I. Medical Aesthetics (St. Petersburg: Medical Academy, 2001), 55 pp.

Lapshin, Ye. IBM PC Graphics (Moscow: Solon, 1995), 228 pp.

Lavrentiev, A.N. Constructivism Laboratory: Trials of Graphic Modelling (Moscow: Grant, 2000), 255 pp.

Lebedev V.A. Methodology and practice of publishing of electronic art editions (Moscow, Institute Akademii Khudogestv, 1998) 55 pp.

Leikind, O.L., Makhrov, K.V., Severyukhin, D.Ya. Russian artists in exile. 1917-1939: Biographical reference book (St. Petersburg: NotaBene, 1999) 715 pp.

Leont'yev, D.A. An introduction to the psychology of art: textbook (Moscow: University, 1998) 110 pp.

Levin, Yu.I. Selected works: Poetics. Semiotics (Moscow: Koshelev, 1998) 822 pp.

Linnik, Yu. Amaravella. Crystal Glass of Aquarius (book devoted to painter B.A. Smirnov-Russetzky (Petrozavosk: Svatoyostrov, 1995), 231 pp.

Linnik, Yu. Amaravella. The Way to Pleiads (Russian cosmist painters) (Petrozavosk: Svatoy ostrov, 1995), 286 pp.

Linnik, Yu. Amaravella: Sonata of Arion (about artist-cosmist V. T. Chernovolenko) (Petrozavodsk: Svatoi Ostrov, 1993) 224 pp.

Linnik, Yu. 'Luce' - Optical Theatre by Sergey Zorin (Moscow: N.K.Rerich Museum , 2002), 24 pp.

Linnik, Yu. Russian Cosmism and the Russian Avant-Garde (Petrozavodsk: Svatoy ostrov, 1995), 82 pp.

Lipatov, V. Rusland, Vol. 1 of Color, Light, Life (in 2 volumes) (1993) 220 pp.

Lotman, Yu.M. Inside the thinking worlds: Man -- text -- semiosphere -- history (Moscow: Languages of Russian culture, 1999) 447 pp.

Lotman, Yu.M. On Art: The structure of art text. Semiotics of cinema and problems of cinema aesthetics. Articles. Notes. Lectures (1962-1993) (St. Petersburg: Iskusstvo, 1998) 702 pp.

Magnytzkaya, Ye.A. Creative Interpretation of Space (Moscow: RAM, 1996), 196 pp.

Makhlina, S. Semiotics of Art: Glossary/Reference book (in 2 vol.) (St. Petersburg: Compositor, 2003), Vol. 1 - 268 pp., Vol. 2 - 339 pp.

Makhlina, S.T. The Language of Art in a Cultural Context (St. Petersburg: Akademia kultury, 1995), 216 pp.

Malyukov, A.N. A psychology of feeling and artistic development of the individual: Scientific-methodological manual (Dubna: Phoenix, 1999) 253 pp.

Mankovskaya, N.B. "Paris with Snakes": Introduction into Postmodern Aesthetics (Moscow: Institut philosophii RAN,1995), 225 pp.

Markov, V.F. History of Russian futurism (St. Petersburg: Aletejya, 2000) 414 pp.

Mentyukov, A.; Ustinov, A.; and Cheldyev, S. Music, Electronics, Intonation (Novosibirsk: Conservatorium, 1994) 314 pp.

Meskov, V. S., et al. Logics: Science and Art (Moscow: Vyshaya Shkola, 1993) 333 pp.

Minayev, E.A. Musical - Information Field in the Evolutionary Processes of the Art (Moscow: Muzyka , 2000), 388 pp.

Nigmatullina, Yu.T. 'Retarded Modernism' in Tatar Literature and Fine Arts (Kazan: FAN , 2002), 176 pp.

Nikamin, V.A. Paradoxes of digital sound (St. Petersburg, Lan, 1998) 95 pp.

Nikitin A.N., Pervin Yu.A. Computer is art tool (Samara, Fedorové Corporation, 1997) 236 pp.

Nikitin A.N., Pervin Yu.A. Informational culture: computer is art tool (school manual) (Moscow , Drofa, 1998) 192 pp.

Nikitina, I.P. Space of the World and Space of the Art (Moscow: Humanitarian University , 2001), 209 pp.

Nurok, M.A. and Galustyan, G.A. Cultural Heritage of Russia: Mechanical Music and Entertaining Automatic Machines: From the Collection of Polytechnical Museum (Moscow: Polytechical Museum, Znanie , 2002), 96 pp.

Oizerman, T.I., Dolgov, K.M., Kormin, N.A. and others. Phenomenology of Art (Moscow: Institute of the Philisophy , 1996) 276 pp.

Orlov, A.M. Animatograph and Its Anima: Psychogenic Aspects of Screen Technologies (Moscow: IMPETO, 1995), 384 pp.

Orlov, A.M. Ecology of virtual reality (Moscow, Biblioteka zhurnala, Tehnika kino i televidenia, 1997) 56 pp.

Orlov, A.M. Virtual reality: The space of screen cultures as social environment (Moscow: Geo, 1997) 336 pp.

Orlov, G. The Spirits of Computer Animation: The World of Electronic Images and Levels of Consciousness (Moscow: Mirt, 1993) 106 pp.

Orlov, G. Tree of Music (St. Petersburg: Sovetsky Compositor, 1992) 408 pp.

Paiman, A. History of Russian Symbolism (Moscow: Respublika , 2000), 413 pp.

Petelin, P.Yu., Petelin Yu.V. Music arrangement by PC (St. Petersburg: BHV-St.Petersburg, 1999) 272 pp.

Petelin, R., Petelin, Yu. PC-based audio studio: comprehensive manual on PC-aided synthesis of musical compositions (St. Petersburg, BHV-Spb, 1997) 256 pp.

Petelin, R., Petelin, Yu. PC-based personal orchestra (St. Petersburg, BHV-Spb, 1998) 240 pp.

Petrov V.M., Direct and indirect influence of art : problems of methodology and methods of researches (Moscow, Russky Mir, 1997) 176 pp.

Petrov, V.M., and Boyadgyeva, L.G. Methods of Developing Art Perspectives (Moscow :Russkyi Mir, 1996), 158 pp.

Petrushin V.I., Musical psychology, 2nd Ed. (Moscow, Vlados, 1997) 384 pp.

Petrushin, V. Musical psychotherapy (Moscow, Compositor, 1997) 164 pp.

Polozov, S.P. Computer-Aided Training Technologies and Musical Education (Saratov: University, 2002), 208 pp.

Polyakov, V. Books of Russian cubofuturism (Moscow, Gileya, 1998) 299 pp.

Pondopulo, G.K., Rostotzkaya, M.A. New arts and modern culture: Photography and cinema (Moscow: VGIK, 1997) 233 pp.

Punin, N. On Tatlin (Moscow: "RA" Literature and Artistic Assoc., 1994) 128 pp.

Rags, Yu.N. Aesthetics from below and aesthetics from above - quantitative convergence (Moscow: Nauchnyi mir, 1999) 245 pp.

Raikov, V.L. Art and Consciousness. Mind as a Mirror of the Universe (Moscow: B.I., 2000), 293 pp.

Raikov, V.L. Evolutionary Rationalism: Art, Consciousness, Psychotherapy (Moscow: Synergia , 2003), 324 pp.

Rauchenbach, B.V. Geometry of Images and Visual Perception (Moscow:Interprax,1994), 236 pp.

Rerikh, N.K. On Art (Moscow: Mezhdunarodny Zentr Rerikhov, 1994), 128 pp.

Rodchenko, A. Experiments for the Future: Diaries, Articles, Letters, Notes (Moscow :Grant,1996), 416 pp.

Roizman, L.I. Organ in the History of Russian Music Culture (Kazan: Conservatory , 2001).

Rosiner, F. The Art of Ciurlionis (Moscow: Terra, 1993) 408 pp.

Rozhdestvenskaya, N.V. Psychology of Artistic Creativity (manual) (St. Petersburg: Yazykovoy Centr, 1995), 272 pp.

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Sarytchev, V.A. Cube-futurism and cube-futurists: Aesthetics. Creative work. Evolution (Lipetzk: Lipetzkoe izdatelstvo, 2000) 254 pp.

Schoenberg, A. Fundamentals of Music Composition (Moscow: Conservatory , 2000), 231 pp.

Serov, N.V. Ancient chromatism (St. Petersburg:LISS,1995), 480 pp.

Serov, N.V. Lighting-Color Therapy (St. Petersburg, 2002), 160 pp.

Shikin, Ye.V., Boreskov, A.V. Computer graphics: dynamics of realistic image (Moscow, Dialog-MIPHI, 1997) 288 pp.

Shiryaev, E.E. The greatest charlatanism of XX century: modernist trends in figurative art (Moscow: Shiryaev, 1998) 56 pp.

Shiryaeva, O.F. Picturesqueness in Music (Chelyabinsk: Academy of Culture and Art , 2001), 268 pp.

Sidorina, Ye. Russian Constructivism: Origins, Ideas, Practice (Moscow: PIK VINITI, 1995), 240 pp.

Sintzov, Ye.V. The Birth of Artistic Integrity : The Artist's Self-Analysis of Dynamic Thought Potential (Kazan: Fan, 1995), 228 pp.

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Sukhotin, A.K. Scientific-artistic intersections (Tomsk: University, 1998) 197 pp.

Tatiyevsky, A. Color and Character (Moscow: MOIMPEX, 1995), 20 pp.

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Tupizin, V. Communicative postmodernism: Russian art of second half of XXth century (Moscow , Ad Marginem, 1998) 206 pp.

Turchin, V.S. The Image of XX-th... In the Past and Present: Artists and Their Conceptions. Works and Theories (Moscow: Progress-Tradition , 2003), 648 pp.

Tyutyunnikova, T.E. Seeing Music and Dancing Verses... (Moscow: URSS , 2003), 262 pp.

Tzaregradskaya, T.V. Time and Rhythm in the Oliver Messiaen's Creative Work (Moscow: Classika-XX1 , 2002), 374 pp.

Tzvetkov, E. Musical Astrology (Moscow: Novyi Chronograph , 2002), 204 pp.

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Collected articles:


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