Medical robot, artistic rendering of nanolouse inside the body. (copyright: Billyfoto |

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NOW AVAILABLE: LMJ26: Lend Me Your Ears! Sound and Reception

In this issue of Leonardo Music Journal you’ll find articles that address how people listen, how the reception of music and sound has changed and how technology has influenced the listening process. Find out more

LASER and DASER Podcasts and Videos

Podcasts and videos of Selected LASERs and DASERs Are Available Online! Learn about the work and projects of artists, scientists and others working in the Art/Science sphere! Visit: VIDEOS from past LASERs and DASERs. SF and Stanford LASERS; UCLA LASERS;DC LASERS. Find out more.

NEW FROM THE LEONARDO BOOK SERIES: Machine Art in the Twentieth Century

“Machine art” is neither a movement nor a genre, but encompasses diverse ways in which artists engage with technical systems. In this new offering from the Leonardo Book Series, Andreas Broeckmann examines a variety of 20th- and early 21st-century artworks that articulate people’s relationships with machines. In the course of his investigation, Broeckmann traces historical lineages that connect art of different periods, looking for continuities that link works from the end of the century to developments in the 1950s and 1960s and to works by avant-garde artists in the 1910s and 1920s. An art historical perspective, he argues, might change our views of recent works that seem to be driven by new media technologies but that in fact continue a century-old artistic exploration. Find out more


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Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 21, No. 1: L.A. Re.Play: Mobile Network Culture in Placemaking highlights the current location technologies that have become tools used by contemporary artists, theorists, designers and scientists to reformulate our understanding of social engagement within an enlarged concept of place. These new mobile networks have altered the way people exist in and relate to spaces where the real and virtual world blend, blurring the lines of traditional spatial definitions and frameworks. This special issue provides a variety of perspectives and practices on the meaning and interpretation of today’s locative media. Find out more


Leonardo Just Accepted makes recently accepted articles available online in anticipation of their publication in Leonardo journal. Visit the Just Accepted page of The MIT Press website for these new additions. Find out more

What is happening at the crossroads of art and science this month? Come to a Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) near you to find out! Each LASER gathering provides short 10- to 20-minute talks on art/science topics and the opportunity to network with cutting-edge artists, scientists, and researchers in an informal setting. Passionate participants are eager to share their ideas with you! Audience members are invited to “pitch” their own work, events, and activities to the group as well. LASERs are happening in over a dozen locales nationally and internationally. Find out more

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