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LMJ25: The Politics of Sonic Art

a Volume 25 of Leonardo Music Journal addresses the role of politics in the creation and dissemination of music and related sonic arts, especially in those genres employing new technological tools. Papers by composers and sound artists cover such topics as:

* Creative activity under precarious conditions in zones of war, repression and censorship

* The mechanisms by which sonic art can represent and communicate political content without recourse to language.

* How gendered, racial, cultural, and class privileges operate in technologically driven music.

* The relationship of phonography and sound walks to environmental activism.

* The ecological politics of computers and other of short-lifespan materials (recycling vs. landfills).

* The development of alternative music controllers in response to disabilities.

Authors include: Tom Kohut, Alison Pezanoski-Browne, Gerald Fiebig, Tullis Rennie, Helen R. Mitchell, Koichi Samuels, Adam Tinkle, Daniel Walzer, Andrew Brooks, Ryan Jordan, Shelly Knotts, Karen Collins and Ruth Dockwray, Richard Lerman, Mo H. Zareei, William A. Thompson IV with Jeffrey Albert, Jing Wang, Tara Rodgers, Adi Louria-Hayon, Martyn Hudson, Christopher DeLaurenti, Christopher Wood, Neil Leonard, Nathan Thompson, Sandra Kazlauskaitė, Alyce Santoro, and Katia Chornik.

Notes on LMJ25 audio tracks by Adachi Tomomi, Matthew Burtner, Rupert Huber and Robert Adrian X, Hasan Hujairi, Susie Ibarra, Francisco López, Emeka Ogboh, João Orecchia, edGeCut, and James WebbArt is getting noisier every day.


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Updated 25 April 2016