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Rob Harle

Rob Harle is an artist, writer and researcher. His academic work involves research into the philosophy of Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and the nature of Embodiment. He is currently undertaking doctoral research at the University of New England into the relationship of human consciousness and an all-integrating field of matter.
His art practice includes: drawing, sculpture and recently, digital images - both for the web and print. Writing work includes: reviews, academic essays and experimental poetry and short fiction - some co-authored with computer programs. These are published in numerous journals, magazines and books. His formal academic studies comprise: Philosophy of Mind, Comparative Religion, Architecture and Psychotherapy.
Rob’s main concern has been to explore and document the radical changes that technology is bringing about. He has coined the term technoMetamorphosis to describe this.

Artwork and selected writings are available from his web site: www.robharle.com

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