Polona Tratnik, "Unique", multimedia project, 2006. copyright: Kapelica Gallery. Photo: Damjan Svarc.

Special Offers

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LMJ/CMJ Special Offer: Special rate available for a joint subscription to Leonardo Music Journal and Computer Music Journal.

Back Issues Available to Subscribers Beginning with Volume 40 (2007) of Leonardo, MIT Press will offer a permanent 35% discount on back issues of Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal to all subscribers. Contact MIT Press (journals-orders@mit.edu) for more information. Back issues of Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal, beginning with volume 1 (1968), are also available in electronic form to subscribers (for an additional $25 annual access fee) on JSTOR. Find out more.

Discounts for members/subscribers: Members of Leonardo/ISAST receive 20% off Leonardo Book Series titles, classified ads and a free listing in the Leonardo Electronic Directory. Visit our Members page for full details.

Student Discounts on new membership/subscriptions: Includes all benefits available to Leonardo/ISAST members, including eligibility to join the Leonardo Education and Art Forum. Visit our Members page for full details.

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Updated 9 June 2014