Leonardo Education and Art Forum

Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF)

As a program of Leonardo/ISAST, the Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) promotes the advancement of arts practice, academic scholarship, and practice-led research by providing practitioners, educators, and students a national and international forum for dialogue at the intersections of art, science and technology. The purpose of LEAF is to support Leonardo/ISAST in fostering arts practice, academic scholarship, art research, practice-led research and pedagogical work in art, science, and technology.


LEAF International Liaison Andres Burbano will be representing Leonardo/ISAST at ISEA 2016 in Hong Kong. If you are planning to attend the ISEA conference and would like to connect with Andre,s please send a note via the LEAF Forum (see below). LEAF members will be in attendance at several conferences this year including ISEA, A2RU, SIGGRAPH and DRH16. Please connect with LEAF Chair JD Talasek for details on how to participate in conference activities.

Join the Leonardo Education and Art Forum

LEAF is open to all individuals interested in the issues addressed by Leonardo. Join LEAF by sending an introductory email with your bio to the LEAF Forum (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/leoeduforum) or send a brief bio to LEAF Chair JD Talasek at
leaf [at] leonardo.info.

2016 Chair: JD Talasek

2017 Future Chair: Alan Boldon (Incoming February 2017).

2018 Future Chair: TBD (Incoming February 2018).

2016 LEAF International Representative: Andrés Burbano

Past LEAF Chairs: Suzanne Anker (2015), David Familian (2014), Adrienne Klein (2013), Patricia Olynyk (2011, 2012), Ellen K. Levy (2010), Joseph Lewis (2009 co-chair), Victoria Vesna (2009 co-chair), Nina Czegledy (2009 co-chair), Andrea Polli (2008), Eddie Shanken (2007), Amy Ione (2006), Ioannis Yessios (2005)

Become a member of Leonardo: http://www.leonardo.info/members.html

Full LEAF membership and participation in LEAF elections is reserved for subscribers to Leonardo journal. Some LEAF activities and events, such as at the annual College Art Association (CAA) conference, require paid registration to the hosting organization.

Updated 15 April 2016