leon 54.4 - <article-title>Harold Cohen and AARON: Collaborations in the Last Six Years (2010–2016) of a Creative Life</article-title>

This article documents Harold Cohen’s last phase of creativity from 2010 until his death in 2016, a period that witnessed an accelerated coevolution of Cohen’s relationship with the artificial intelligence program AARON on the one hand and his technological and artistic innovations on the other, culminating in a new art form featuring the void. Implications for the human and machine interface are discussed.

leon 54.4 - <article-title>An Optimized Nontoxic Electrolytic Etching Procedure for Fine Art Printmaking</article-title>

In their National Endowment for the Arts–funded project the authors sought to provide artists with an innovative method for creative expression using electrolytic etching techniques long used in the electronics and biotech industries. Using scientific methods, the electrolytic etching process was improved and then compared side by side with copper etched in ferric chloride after analysis with an AFM. The optimized electrolytic etching method proved to be superior to classical acid etching in intaglio printmaking.

leon 54.4 - <article-title>Bernard Stiegler, la technique, la culture et le temps: Une introduction à l’œuvre</article-title>

Décédé brutalement le 5 août 2020, le philosophe Bernard Stiegler aura eu une activité incessante et acharnée, une vie et une œuvre intenses et prolifiques, qu’il a transmises à ses contemporains et vers les générations futures. Soucieux d’un monde “non-inhumain,” de ses dits et écrits à ses actions et expérimentations, ses positions et propositions étaient étayées et son acuité en permanence vivace face à “la complexité de ce qui arrive”.