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leon 56.6 - From Thought-Forms to Art Concret: Tracey M. Benson Interviews Paul Brown

In this interview computational and generative artist Paul Brown discusses his early work of the 1960s and 1970s. He also describes his influences along with observations about how this early work directed his later career. The interviewer, artist Tracey M. Benson, practices in the art, science, and technology field and is a longtime friend and mentee. The two share many similar interests that are revealed in their conversation.

leon 56.6 - Urban Intonation: Listening to the Rats of New York City

From urbanization to biomedical science, rats can be found in the foundations of
modernity. Communicating ultrasonically above the ~20 kHz frequency limit of
human hearing, rats are also well adapted for the human-built environment and
its anthropogenic noise. For the sound installation Urban Intonation,
the author recorded rats on the streets of New York City with an ultrasonic