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July 2003

Buddhism & Science: Breaking new ground
Edited by B. Alan Wallace
Reviewed by Aparna Sharma


May 2003

Einstein Picasso: Space, Time, and the Beauty that Causes Havoc
by Arthur I. Miller
Inner Visions: An Exploration of Art and the Brain
by Semir Zeki
Reviewed by Robert Pepperell


August 2002

"The Oldest Technologies"
by Harry Rand


May 2002

Virtual Arts in History and the Present. Virtuelle Kunst in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Visuelle Strategies by Oliver Grau
Reviewed by Yvonne Spielmann


April 2002

Biorobotics: Methods and Applications and Beyond Webcams: An Introduction to Online Robots
by Stephen Wilson


February 2002

Art, obsession and possession: Is Freud still interesting?
by Robert Pepperell


January 2002

The Transdiciplinary Wunderkamer
by Michael Punt

Extending Consciousness and Machines
by Robert Pepperell

The Liberating Power of Symbols: Philosophical Essays and
The Postnational Constellation: Political Essays

By Jürgen Habermas

by Sean Cubitt

Art and Optics at New York University
by Wilfred Arnold


Updated 29 March 2002.

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