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Tissue Economies: Blood, Organs, and Cell Lines in Late Capitalism
By Catherine Waldby and Robert Mitchell.
Duke University Press, Durham, USA, 2006.
pp. 231.
ISBN: 0-8223-3770-3.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

Two Minds: Artists and Architects in Collaboration
Edited by Jes Fernie.
Black Dog Publishing, London, UK, 2006.
pp. 174, illus.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

TESTER: Trabajo de Nodds/Adabegirk Lanean/Nodes at Work (text in Basque,
Catalan/Spanish, English, includes CD)
Edited by Fundacion Rodriguez, Arteleku (Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia).
Arteleku, Basque, Spain, 2006.
pp.263, illus.
ISBN: 84-7907-449-3.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

The Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson: Secret Agetns, Private I
(includes DVD)
Edited by Meredith Tromble.
University of California Press, Berkley, USA, 2006.
pp.229, illus.
ISBN: 0-520-23971-7.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

Getting Under the Skin: Body and Media Theory
By Bernadette Wegenstein.
MIT Press, Massachusetts, USA, 2006.
pp.211, illus.
ISBN: 0-262-23247-2.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

The Way of Taiko
By Heidi Varian.
Stone Bridge Press, Berkely, USA, 2006.
pp. 127, illus.
ISBN: 1-880656-99-X.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

jrock, ink.: A concise report on 40 of the Biggest Rock Acts in Japan
By Josephine Yun.
Stone Bridge Press, Berkely, USA, 2006.
pp. 128, illus.
ISBN: 1-880656-95-7.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

Else/where: Mapping New Cartographies of Networks and Territories
Edited by Janet Abrams and Peter Hall.
Univesity of Minnesota Design Institute, Minneapolis, USA, 2006.
pp. 320, illus.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

Play Between Worlds: Explorng Online Game Culture
By T. L. Taylor.
MIT Press, Massachusetts, USA, 2006.
pp. 197, illus.
ISBN: 0-262-20163-1.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

The Aesthetics of Disengagement: Contemporary Art and Depression
By Christine Ross.
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, USA, 2006.
pp. 244, illus.
ISBN: 0-8166-4539-6.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

Ginseng Dreams: The Secret World of America's Most Valuable Plant
By Kristin Johannsen.
The University Press of Kentucky, Kentucky, USA, 2006.
pp. 215, illus.
ISBN: 0-8131-2384-4.
(received Plymouth March 2006)

DemoKino - Virtual Biopolitical Agora
Edited by Ivana Ivkovic and Davide Grassi.
Drustvo Asociacija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006.
pp. 151, illus.
ISBN: 961-6572-03-2.
(received Plymouth March 2006)


By Puppetina.
Pasha Nina Teen Recordings 001, Los Angeles, USA, 2006.
(received Plymouth March 2006)


America's Brutal Prisons
By Nick London.
First Run/Icarus Films, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2005.
VHS, colour, 48 mins.
(received Plymouth March 2006)



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