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August Sander——People of the 20th Century

Reiner Holzemer, Director
44 minutes, color, 2002
German-English sub-titles
Sale: video/dvd: $375; rental: video, $75

Reviewed by Andrea Dahlberg


This excellent short documentary film describes the work of the great German photographer, August Sander. In the 1920's Sander developed what is now known as the "Objective style" of photography that he later used to document and classify a number of "types" of citizens of German society. His work is a major influence on Bernd and Hilla Becher and their portraits of industrial structures. This documentary is the first one of Sander. It describes his childhood, the society he worked in, the development of his photographic practice, his struggles under the Nazi regime and his legacy and influence today. As photography becomes increasingly drawn into contemporary artistic practice and its theorists increasingly interested in the conditions allowing the creation of the photograph, this film will be of great interest to practising artists and those teaching virtually any aspect of photographic practice today.




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