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RES Magazine: March/April 2006 issue

Sue Apfelbaum and Jesse Ashlock, Editors

80 pp. illus. 80 col. $5.95

New York, Res Media Group, 2006
Journal website: http://www.res.com

Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher
Saginaw Valley State University


It is good to see RES magazine still publishing in 2006. This reviewer first picked up a copy at a seminar held at San Francisco State University in 1999 when the magazine was based in that city. At that time, digital cinema was an exciting and promising new concept that was more ideal than reality, largely unused by a skeptical Hollywood though beginning to blossom in short productions. It offered shrimpy streams, or a few products downloadable over the Internet...for those willing to wait.

One issue of RES in 1999 discussed works at Sundance Festival and two-minute films, shorts on ifilm.net steaming over RealNetworks technology. Michael Moore, at work on the BRAVO network TV series "The Awful Truth" on downsizing, expressed interest in MiniDV cameras, while George Lucas’ announced that subsequent Star Wars episodes would be shot digitally. A 2000 issue discussed high-end camera equipment and underwater digital camcorders, the conceptual pranksters ®™ark, <www.rtmark.com>, and Tim Burton’s Shockwave comic Stain Boy.

The March/April 2006 issue of RES is Volume 9, Number 2. It covers the several directors of the band Death Cab for Cutie’s videos, songwriter Tom Zé and Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, documentary filmmaker Rachel Boynton, the latest movie based on comics by Daniel Clowes, and an unassuming diary of internship at Weiden+Kennedy ad agency. There is a useful item How to Sell and Promote Your Videos Online.

RES is now published by Res Media Group of New York, with offices in Los Angeles and London. For nine years it has sponsored the Resfest <www.resfest.com> of short films, animation, design films and music videos. RES has many of the same advertisers as WIRED magazine——Sony, Toyota Scion——as well as others more specialized for media-makers, like the San Francisco International Film Festival, AVID, and the Ex-Centris commercial complex in Montreal, seeking creative tenants. The cover image of cartoon clouds by Anoine+Manuel (collaborating artists Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz of Paris) has its production process, in both traditional gouache on aquarelle paper and digital scanning and manipulation, explained on the masthead page. The cover promises coverage of Film/Music/Art/Design/Culture, and, like in WIRED, the reader finds CD, game and "gizmo" reviews. There are reviews of design books and other contemporary design works as one finds in the industrial design magazine I.D.

The RES reader encounters ads for digital and cinema design programs at Full Sail, NYU, Los Angeles Film School and San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. The magazine’s annual Res 10 selection highlights emerging artists in film, video, design, ads, music, and media art. It is followed by a Student 10, this year ages 19 to 35, who are doing interesting work in various schools. The cover of this short, sharp, sprightly journal might read RES: the Hip Magazine for Cinema Students.



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