Reprints | Leonardo


To place an author reprints order, use the MIT Press online ordering system at

You will need all of the following information to place your order:

  • Title of the journal
  • Volume and issue number
  • Page range
  • Lead author name
  • Article title

If you do not know the volume/issue or page range for your article, please contact the Leonardo Editorial Office or the MIT Press journals team.

If you are ordering prior to publication, note that your reprints order will not be processed and mailed until approximately two weeks after the issue is printed. Once mailed, shipping times will vary depending on your location.

Note that all customer service for this system is through the Sheridan Press (call 800.352.2210, ext. 8175, or email the MIT Press Customer Service).

If you would like permission to reprint an article, go to the MIT Press permission form.