UCLA SciArt Lab + Studio Presents 2021: The Power of The Invisible And Inaudible

Dates or Deadline: 
25 July 2021 to 6 August 2021
Organized by: 
UCLA Art|Sci Center

This year, Sci|Art Lab + Studio will focus on the nanoscale entities and vibrational frequencies that surround and enfold us. We will look deeper into how the invisible and inaudible affect the body, the mind, the planet and universe, as well as how complex and important these interrelationships are.

UCLA Sci|Art Lab + Studio(link is external)

is a remote summer program for high school students around the world to learn how scientific and creative practices can be used as complementary tools for innovation and design. Students will receive FOUR transferable UC CREDITS upon completion of the course!

Sci|Art offers rigorous and engaging workshops, lectures and discussions by world-renowned scientists, artists and creative technologists. The course offers students the possibility to connect around the world through class material, collaborative projects and inspired group-based learning. In this manner, we highlight the potentiality of GLOBAL citizen-scientists considering how individual experiences can produce a wide spectrum of knowledge and data about our global environment as a whole.

We have instructors around the world offering students one-on-one interaction in small groups across time zones!

Time: July 25 - August 6, 2021