The Lumen Prize 2024 | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

The Lumen Prize 2024

Dates or Deadline: 
11 March 2024 to 26 May 2024

Lumen Prize Highlights:


$18,000 Prize Fund

9 artists will receive cash awards ranging from $7,500 to $1,500, totaling $18,000. Read more about The 2024 Lumen Prize here.


Exposure to Leading Art Authorities

Works are judged by a prestigious panel of curators, academics, and gallerists from top institutions like the V&A, M+ Hong Kong, Whitney Museum, and LAS Art Foundation.


Global Opportunities Through Lumen's Network

Up to 70 finalists will be invited to join the Lumen Artist Community, unlocking potential collaborations, exhibitions, and commissions worldwide.


Lumen Prize Guidelines:


  1. Artist Eligibility: The Lumen Prize is open to all artists globally. Collaborative projects must list all contributors.
  2. Art Eligibility: All art is eligible, as long as it engages with technology in some form and meets one of the five prize categories: Still Image, Moving Image, Interactive Immersive, Futures, and Impact.
  3. Category Selection: Each entry is made to one of the five prize categories. If you are unsure of which category to enter after reviewing their descriptions, please email:
  4. Entry Count: There is no limit on the number of entries you may submit.
  5. Multiple Category Entries: You can enter the same work into multiple categories, so long as it meets the parameters of the category.
  6. Multiple Artwork Entries: You can submit multiple works to the same category, so long as each work meets the parameters of the category. 
  7. Artwork Age: There is no limit on the age of a submitted work.
  8. Equipment/Software: Any equipment or software can be used.
  9. Entry Requirements:
  10. A 250 word maximum artistic concept description
  11. Technical details including equipment/software used and dimensions, if applicable
  12. Submission Format:
  13. Primary image/video representation of artwork
  14. Up to 3 additional supporting images
  15. Videos must be hosted on YouTube/Vimeo
  16.  Judging Process:
  17. The International Selectors Committee determines finalists
  18. The Jury Panel selects winners for each award/category
  19. Special Awards Consideration: Indicate your eligibility for the Kunstsilo, BCS, and Carla Rapoport Awards when entering a category. Eligibility guidelines are listed here.
  20.  Entry Fee: As a non-profit organization, we collect a modest entry fee to help defray the cost of administering the prize.
  21.  How will I know if I have been selected as a finalist? If you are selected as a Finalist, we will email you at the email address you provided in your entry in August. 


  • Money

    Still Image Award ($1,500): For the best 2D work using any digital process. Including algorithmic art, generated/graphic imagery, A.I generated imagery, photo-manipulation, plotter/drawing machine imagery, generative imagery, XR generated imagery, and 3D scanner/lidar imagery.

    Moving Image Award ($1,500): For the best time-based work using any digital process that is narrative or non-narrative. Including but not limited to, animation, CGI, real-time CG, generative visuals, A.I generated visuals, video art, video game cutscenes, machinima, and music videos.

    Interactive Immersive Award ($1,500): For the best 3D work that engages with audiences through sound, touch or movement. Including but not limited to, installation, sculpture, robotics, games, apps, performance, XR, virtual worlds, projection, theatre projects or web projects.

    Futures Award ($1,500): For the best work that explores relationships between society and technology. Including but not limited to, the use of A.I., robotics, human computer interaction, quantum technology or bio and sustainable tech.

    Impact Award ($1,500): For the best work created with technology that addresses socioeconomic, cultural, and humanitarian issues. Including but not limited to, community involved or initiated projects, open-source projects, cross-border cooperation or democracy and governance centred projects.

    Lumen Gold Award ($7,500): For the artist or collective whose work is judged by the jury panel to be exceptional. The winner of this award is chosen as the best work across all categories.

    Kunstsilo Award ($1,000): For the best art created with technology by an artist or collective from Nordic Countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland.

    BCS Award ($1,000): For the best art which explores or has an educational or positive impact on an individual or an audience's experience with technology.

    Carla Rapoport Award ($1,000): For the best art which explores or shines a light on underrepresented people, ideas or groups.

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