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Leonardo Journal Open Call: Special Sections on Diverse Perspectives

Dates or Deadline: 
26 April 2021 to 31 December 2024
Organized by: 
Erica Hruby
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Published by The MIT Press, Leonardo journal has become the leading international peer-reviewed journal on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and the application and influence of the arts and humanities on science and technology. We're interested in a broad expansion of ideation and research that activates creativity to push the boundaries of today and unleash the possibilities of tomorrow. This is a moment to curate your vision and expand the field of art and science beyond what we could imagine.

We seek proposals from interested Guest Editors to craft and shepherd themed special sections that invite diverse and intersectional perspectives. The ideal Guest Editor can help to grow and decolonize Leonardo's contributor network by attracting authors from historically underrepresented demographics including Brown, Black, Indigenous and People of Color; marginalized genders; geographic underrepresentation; and additional historically underrepresented groups.

Leonardo is interested in work that crosses the artificial boundaries separating contemporary arts and sciences. Featuring illustrated articles written by artists about their own work as well as articles by historians, theoreticians, philosophers and other researchers, the journal is particularly concerned with issues related to the interaction of the arts, sciences and technology. Leonardo focuses on the visual arts and also addresses music, video, performance, language, environmental and conceptual arts—especially as they relate to the visual arts or make use of the tools, materials and ideas of contemporary science and technology. New concepts, materials and techniques and other subjects of general artistic interest are covered, as are legal, economic and political aspects of art.


  • Development of open call
  • Solicitation of manuscripts
  • One peer review of each submitted article
  • Interim and final acceptance
  • Guidance to authors on manuscript and art preparation
  • Quality control
  • Introductory text for publication with the special section


  • Obtain technical peer reviews for all articles, in consultation with Guest Editor.
  • Provide an in-house editorial review of each manuscript.
  • Request manuscript revisions from authors if necessary.
  • Send correspondence of acceptance.
  • Final edit of all manuscripts.
  • Manage all production responsibilities.
  • Negotiate all relationships with outside organizations on matters pertaining to the project.


  • Authors are responsible for fulfilling the requirements set forth in the Leonardo Editorial and Illustration Guidelines.
  • Articles deviating from standard Leonardo editorial policies must receive approval from the Editorial Office before final acceptance. Please see the addendum to this contract for a list of these standard policies.
  • Articles should not have been previously published or, if published, available only to a limited audience. Guest Editor should clarify publication and copyright status of all articles when articles are submitted to Editorial Office.


Leonardo operates on a model of radical generosity. We hope this opportunity will amplify your leadership in the field of art and science. Leonardo does not pay or receive funds for the guest editorial services or for authorship.


To Prepare: CV / bio of the potential guest editor(s), proposed open call for submissions, and details about the underrepresented demographic this section is intended to attract.

Leonardo endorses and follows the guidance of the Anti-Racist Scholarly Reviewing Practices: A Heuristic for Editors, Reviewers, and Authors. Find out more about this Heuristic and its initiatives toward decolonizing academic publishing at this link.


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