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New-Media Arts Protocol to use Stem Cells (NMAP-SC)

Dates or Deadline: 
31 December 2019
Organized by: 
Diaa's Lab

New-Media Arts Protocol to use Stem Cells (NMAP-SC) Survey....., Please help us to promulgate stem cells research as an open science for the public:

We are an international interdisciplinary research teamwork of Biologists and New-Media artists working closely in a project to design and develop a template-based protocol that can be used as a guide to perform stem cells research/experiments in new-media arts labs in parallel with their normal use path in bio labs.
This protocol aims to demonstrate how likely can custom-made New-Media Arts projects provide a powerful interactive platform to integrate lay people and non-specialist stackholders into real stem cells research  to promote stem cells as an open science.
Using this template can ensure the maximum level of the engagement of the public towards research, which is considered of the foremost urgency especially at times where experts are deemed as holding "alternative facts". Through its adopted practical approaches, the proposed template priorities intersection and bridging between lay population and researchers in order to exploring different venues to bring research to the general public, allowing and requesting their contribution will be the norm. Therefore, the more informed and included people feel, the more open they become so that stem cells labs can get a societal legislation to continue their controversial research that usually raise several ethical and cultural issues. And stem cells research will be much more targeted to the needs of society.

The very first draft of this protocol  was accepted to be published in LEONARDO:
After outlining this draft, countless hours devoted  to develop it  as a Joint Cooperation Protocol between stem cells labs and new-media arts labs to perform joint stem cells research, and finally we achieved a Bet-version. 

See the Beta-version here:

Now, it is the time for stem cells experts, new-media arts experts , labs, clinics, policy makers, and other several stakeholders to be involved in this survey in order to measure how satisfied are they with working under such unified template  in order to get an international accredited protocol between stem cells labs and new-media arts labs, your input would be highly appreciated.

The collected data will be analyzed to develop the Bet-version into the final version and will be published as a part of a scholarly wok that is going to be written by Dr. Diaa Ahmedien specialist in Sciences of New-Media Arts  and Dr. Clara Novo specialist in Sciences of stem cells.  If you have any questions regarding the survey or the research project, please don’t hesitate to contact:
Dr. Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien

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