Frequently Asked Questions

Whats does the entry form ask me?

We ask two main questions:

Artwork description

Please provide your artistic concept, ideas or influences. Limit your description to approximately 250 words.

Artwork technical description

List the hardware and software you used, including anything originally-coded or designed by you. Please specify the physical dimensions, if applicable.

How should I present my work?

We ask for a primary image or video that best represents your work. Alongside this you are able to upload three supporting images. Videos should be hosted on Youtube or Vimeo

What can I win?

We are offering 9 award categories this year, with a prize fund of $13,500. Shortlisted artists are eligible for the Lumen Gold Award with a $4,000 cash prize and there is a free-to-enter Student Award with a cash prize of $500.

What kind of art is eligible?

All art is eligible as long as it engages with technology in some form. You do not need to be a digital artist or be able to design software to enter. To see which category to enter you can read the category descriptions here. If you have any questions regarding whether your work suits the Lumen Prize, please email

What kind of equipment or software can artists use?

Artists can use any equipment, there is no limit!

How does the judging work?

The judging of the Lumen Prize is done in two stages. The longlist is determined by our International Selectors Committee, made up of academics, curators and art critics. This longlist is reviewed by our Jury Panel, who select the finalists and winners of each category. By having these two rounds of judging we insure all entries submitted to the Lumen Prize are given the time to be evaluated fairly.

Who judges the top prizes?

The longlist is reviewed by our international Jury Panel who select the finalists and top prize winners. This panel includes Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator, Whitney Museum, New York City, Silke Schmilke, Curator, Moving Image, M+, Hong Kong, London, Melanie Lenz, Digital Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum and Nathan Ladd, Assistant Curator, Tate Britain.