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Leonardo/LEAF Call for CAA 2020 Panelists

Dates or Deadline: 
9 July 2019 to 22 July 2019
Organized by: 
Ruth West
United States

Affiliated Society or Committee Name: Leonardo Education and Art Forum 

From legal sentencing recommendations to creating sounds never before heard and images never before seen, autonomous vehicles and optimizing the design of chairs, conversational agents embedded in daily objects to real-time responsive intelligent physical environments, we are transforming how we live and create through the application of machine learning and generative models to human endeavors. This session explores advances in the application of artificial intelligence in the arts and design along multiple dimensions: AI as a medium, method(s), tool(s) and new creative practices, evolving views of creativity and authorship, and the societal and cultural impacts. Does generative and machine creativity, or AI in the arts and design, represent an evolution of “artistic intelligence” or is it a rupture in the evolution of creative practice yielding new forms and types of authorship? There’s obviously so much more to this topic than this, and we hope you’ll join us in exploring crucial questions on this theme.

Field of Study:
Twenty-First Century 
Twentieth Century 
Digital Media (history and studio) 
New Media 


Ruth West,University Of North Texas -

Each year CAA members submit session abstract for the Call for Participation. The sessions listed below have been accepted by the Annual Conference Committee for CAA 2020 Chicago, February 12-15.

Sessions are listed alphabetically by title. Affiliated Societies and CAA Professional Committees that have sessions included in the Call for Participation will be listed with the session.

Between June 25 - July 23 session Chair(s) receive proposals submitted to the email(s) listed with abstracts.

Chairs develop their sessions based on submissions received. Chairs notify submitters of their decisions by August 22, 2019 and upload the accepted abstracts into the submission site. Upon acceptance, all presenters' CAA memberships must be up to date.

The Annual Conference Committee encourages Chairs to consider engaging formats that encourage dialogue rather than a consecutive reading of papers. In a traditional four-person panel, CAA recommends each presenter not exceed 15 minutes in order to allow time for questions and discussion. All conference sessions are 90 minutes in length.

This webpage represents only a portion of the full conference content and does not include Complete Sessions. The information on this webpage is listed as it was submitted. If an individual's affiliation is not listed, it is not currently in their CAA membership account.

To find a session by keyword, please search by pressing [Control] + F (Windows) or [Command] + F (Mac) on your keyboard.

In order to submit, gather the following and send via email to the chair(s) listed before July 23, 2019.

  1. Completed proposal form (click to download).
  2. A shortened CV (close to 2 pages).
  3. (Optional) Documentation of work when appropriate, limit to five images as a single PDF, especially for sessions in which artists might discuss their own practice.



  1. A paper that has been published previously or presented at another scholarly conference may not be delivered at the CAA Annual Conference.
  2. You may submit to multiple sessions but may give only one presentation at the conference. If you have multiple accepted presentations you must withdraw all but one by notifying the Chair(s).
  3. Three ways to participate at CAA: all session participants may take part in the conference in up to three ways. They may serve as a: 1) Session Chair; 2) Paper/Project Presenter; and/or 3) Session Discussant. Each member may not, however, serve in any role more than once in a particular conference year.
  4. New in 2020: members may participate in a Lightning Round, if accepted, in addition to the three roles noted above.
  5. If your Individual Paper/Presentation proposal was accepted during CAA's spring submission call, you may still apply to a Chaired session listed here in the 2020 Call for Participation. However, you must inform the CFP Chair(s) of any previous acceptance in your application form, and if accepted, withdraw all but one accepted presentation from CAA 2020, other than a Lightning Round.


Individual Membership - in order to be added to the session and to participate in the Annual Conference, accepted participants, including presenters, Chairs, and discussants, must be current individual members of CAA through February 16, 2020. Inactive members will be removed from session listings after September 25, 2019.

Registration - All session participants must register in some capacity for the conference, at minimum for their own session (on-site only). Early full conference registration opens online October. Information about alternate conference registration options will be posted on the CAA website later in the fall.

The Committee greatly appreciates the efforts of session chairs and applicants to these sessions. Your participation makes the conference a rewarding experience for all attendees. Please visit our FAQ page and the Proposals page for additional information about conference submissions.


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