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Domestic Light Project

Dates or Deadline: 
8 May 2023 to 21 June 2023



Domestic Light, a multi-year, globally-networked, participatory project by award-winning video artist Ian Winters, explores the disparity between how natural light is perceived and mediated, and the nature of our networked relations.

The project offers a new way of noticing how our bodies build the notion of home and the passage of time—based on the qualities of light where we live—and how mediated images of nature are sensitizing us as a species.

Domestic Light fulfills the urgent need to build community networks, and supports the role of artists in cultivating the observation of one's own environmental transformations. At the project's end, its unique structured data set will be archived at the University of Sussex Humanities Lab and will be available for public use and interpretation by artists and researchers.


  • Set the light sensor we send you on your windowsill.
  • Provide electricity (it uses a 5v USB power supply) and wifi access at least once a day, and you will become part of a global collaborative team providing the project’s raw data.
  • It will send data automatically. The day cycles of change in the color of light in your environment over the 2023 – 2024 year are at the heart of Domestic Light.
  • You can share (if willing) once a month a 1 minute sound recording responding to prompt : “the sound of home?” that will serve as the basis for composer Pamela Z‘s score for project. It may be used in a live audio / visual performance by Ian Winters and composer / performer Pamela Z In 2024. You will also be able to share writing about your experience of observing the year’s passage of light on the website if you desire.
  • You will also be able to stream the data collected to your local network to use in your own projects via OSC.




Sensor schematic image courtesy of DOMESTIC LIGHT: a collaborative media art project led by lan Winters exploring the color of light worldwide © 2023

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