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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: ISEA2024 - Deadline Extended!

Dates or Deadline: 
19 July 2023 to 12 November 2023

What is Everywhen? 

SEA2024 sets out to explore human perception of timescales and challenge our understanding of past, present and future in the days of singularity and climate change – the Everywhen.

The Everywhen is the concept of all time simultaneously present in a place and describes the notion that past, present and future are co-habiting any given location. Where many western cultures believe time is the constant and travels in a linear progression from now to then, First Nations Australians describe the before then, then, now and the future then existing in the constant presence of place: The Everywhen.

It is believed that in the time before time, all creation was made and manifest in the landscape; that all stories, art, song, dance, imaginative thought, creative inspiration, technology or invention was made complete in the time before time and can be seen in the topography, plants, animals and natural world. Some have described this concept as the Dreaming or Dreamtime where a web of stories and songs hold the landscape together.

Sub themes

To guide academic submissions for ISEA2024, the following sub-themes have been developed to explore concepts related to Everywhen and connect with the ongoing conversations, research and intellectual inquiry within the ISEA community.

  • Ecologies of place

  • Shifitng temporalities 

  • Resilient stories

  • Speculative practices

Click here to read the sub theme descriptions. 


Don't forget to submit Creative Works

Submissions for creative works will close at 5:00pm on Thursday 24 August 2023 AEST

For all information on creative works and how to apply, please visit the website

Academic submissions

The call for peer-reviewed academic submissions will close at 5:00pm on Sunday 12 November 2023 AEST (deadline extended). 

For all information on academic submissions and how to apply, please visit the website


If you have any queries regarding the submission process please contact the ISEA2024 symposium organiser, Expert Events

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