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Call for Papers: Smart Textiles: Science and Technology of Textile Art

Dates or Deadline: 
1 January 2014 to 31 December 2020
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A number of articles have been published in Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal on topics related to the textile arts. This Special Project expands on Leonardo's archive of textile art documentation by focusing on textile artists and scientists around the world who work with smart textiles or the new textiles science and technology.

Artists and researchers interested in writing about their work involving the science and technology of smart textile and clothing arts are invited to submit a manuscript proposal.

The project is supported by The Marjorie Duckworth Malina Fund, which honors the memory of a key long-time supporter of Leonardo/ISAST. The project recognizes Marjorie's dedication to the ideals of international cooperation by emphasizing the participation of artists throughout the world. For information on making a donation to Leonardo/ISAST in memory of Marjorie Duckworth Malina, please visit our Donate page.

This project is supported by generous donations from: Kelvin Tsao, Lisa Bornstein, D.G. Birse, Roger F. Malina, Webster Cash, Karen Tsao, Alice Wood, Harry Horn, Anne Whitaker, Timothy Fox, Beverly Palmer, Thomas Mercer, Marcia Tanner, Robert Hill, Frieder Nake, Doreen Gatland, Darlene Tong, William Fawley, Loren Basch, Webster Cash, Sonia Sheridan, Jacques Mandelbrojt, David Rosenboom, Michele Emmer, George Gessert, Gertrude Reagan, Tami Spector, Lynn Hershman, Richard Wilson, Joan Truckenbrod, James D. Burke, Jack Ox, Craig Harris, Karen O'Rourke, Eugene Epstein, Stephen Wilson, James Maher, Elizabeth Crumley and Eva Craig.

For detailed instructions for manuscript and art preparation, visit Information for Journal Authors. To submit a completed manuscript, upload at Editorial Express.

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