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Call for Papers: Science and Art: Understanding the Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue

Dates or Deadline: 
25 May 2018 to 30 June 2021

Guest Editors

Catherine Baker, PhD, Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham City University, U.K.

Iain Gilchrist, School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol, U.K.


Science and art collaborations are not new, and the integration of ArtScience into academic education globally is a clear indication of its establishment as a discipline in its own right.

However, what has received only limited attention and analysis is a detailed understanding of how such collaborations and relationships are actually formed, nurtured and maintained.  Such collaboration is not always congenial, nor are successful outcomes guaranteed.  Instead the value is sometimes found elsewhere—perhaps in incitement and failure. It is in the details of these interactions and dialogues that the real discourse of the science and art interface is often found.

This call seeks to highlight projects in which the technological aspects of interdisciplinarity do not dominate the conversation but in which the relationship between the two disciplines is, rather, at the heart of the conversation. Most importantly this section will seek to question the relationship between practitioners and provide a roadmap for such relationships into the future.

We encourage submissions exploring the full breadth of interdisciplinary partnership across art, science and the humanities, presenting the candid voices of those whose ongoing activities reside at this key interface. Submissions can be considered from artist–scientist collaborators whose experiences of interdisciplinary exchange prompt reflection on the conditions of collaboration. We welcome submissions from artists and scientists who found value in the journey and not only the output, as well as submissions that take a historical perspective on such relationships.

Proposals and Inquiries

Interested authors should submit inquiries to Catherine Baker and Iain Gilchrist.

Manuscript Submissions

We invite several kinds of contributions, including:

  • Full-length peer-reviewed articles up to 3,500 words

  • Letters to editors in response to published articles

  • Co-authored interview  writing in the 1- or 2- page statement format

For detailed instructions for manuscript and art preparation, visit Information for Journal Authors. To submit a completed manuscript, upload at Editorial Express.

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