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Call for Applications : 2022 ANAT Synapse Residencies

Dates or Deadline: 
17 December 2021 to 16 February 2022
Organized by: 
Melissa DeLaney
North Terrace, Adelaide

ANAT is a national network that creates opportunities for experimental artists to collaborate with science and technology partners. We do this because we believe artists are essential to how we imagine and shape our future.

ANAT is calling for applications from artists and scientists for our prestigious Synapse Residency program, which, since 2004, has enabled research collaborations between more than 100 artists and scientists.

ANAT Synapse involves Australian research organisations hosting artists in residence, leading to profound artistic and professional development for the participants, while also building a sustainable support base for interdisciplinary creative collaboration in Australia.

ANAT Synapse brings artists and researchers together in partnerships that generate new knowledge, ideas and processes beneficial to both fields. A distinguishing feature of the residencies is their creative research focus, with applicants dissuaded from anticipating specific outcomes at the outset.

Residencies take place over 16 weeks full-time, the equivalent part-time, or, in discrete blocks over a longer duration during 2022. ANAT will pay participating artists a fee of $4,400 per month (or part-time equivalent) and contribute towards project material costs, accommodation expenses and return travel to the destination of the residency, if required. The host organisation will provide in-kind access to staff, equipment, space and resources, and will assist with disseminating outcomes at the conclusion of the residency.

Benefits of undertaking an ANAT Synapse Residency


The benefits and professional development opportunities for ANAT Synapse recipients include:

  • Time to explore and develop concepts at the very inception of idea/s
  • Meaningful engagement and collaboration with experts in a research field particularly relevant to the artist’s practice, contributing to rigorous artistic process
  • Access to the host orgnaisation’s equipment, resources and other experienced staff
  • Focussed promotion by storytelling via ANAT’s national and international network, including publicity opportunities, social media posts and stories and a dedicated creative research blog, which serves as a live document of the residency and will be archived and accessible/shareable for years to come.
  • Become an ANAT Alumnus, a network of over a hundred artists, scientists and technologists. A lifelong community of remarkable, diverse and engaged professionals.


  • Meaningful engagement and collaboration with an artist whose area of research is particularly relevant to the host organisation’s focus, contributing to rigorous exploration. Former hosts often report that the experience has led to profound insight, sparking unexpected areas of enquiry for them, as artists methods and approach are open and investigation lines limitless.
  • Promotional opportunities shared to ANAT’s national and international network, including publicity, social media posts and stories. The artist will contribute to a dedicated creative research blog, which serves as a live document of the residency and will be archived and accessible/shareable for years to come.
  • Become an ANAT Alumnus, a network of over a hundred artists, scientists and technologists. A lifelong community of remarkable, diverse and engaged professionals.

Who can apply?

Residencies are open to Australian artists (Australian citizens or permanent residents) working in any discipline and/or medium. The program is suited to artists with a self-disciplined and focused creative working process as investigations alongside the research partner will be largely self-guided. Applications indicating a clear research basis will be looked upon favourably, as this will ensure time is spent in fruitful exchanges from the onset.

To ensure a good fit between the artist and host organisation, a joint application must be submitted.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to establish contact and to identify the nature of the proposed research collaboration prior to application.

Tertiary students, including PhD candidates, are ineligible to apply if the proposed residency in any way contributes to the achievement of an academic qualification. Please contact us if you are unsure about this requirement.

As an inclusive arts organisation, ANAT enables artistic perspectives that reflect contemporary Australia. We especially encourage First Nations people and those from culturally diverse backgrounds to apply.

Through our programs, we seek to reduce barriers by actively working toward accessibility best practice.

Deliverables expected of the successful applicant:

  • ANAT will share the process of the recipient’s creative research residency to our network. Our preference is for the artist to regularly contribute to a blog (initiated and hosted by ANAT and linked to our website). Contributions can consist of concepts, imagery, writing, video, notes or any other format that can be shared with our network. The ANAT Synapse blog has great professional development value, as cited by Synapse alumni, by providing storytelling and promotional opportunities for the artist and will be archived, thus can be shared or referred to for years to come.
  • At the conclusion of the residency, ANAT will assist the artist to arrange a casual, in-conversation style artist talk that will be recorded and shared online.

Deadline for applications: 5pm (ACDT), Wednesday 16 February 2022
Notification of outcome: March 2022
Residency period: Between April and December, 2022


The program is highly competitive and it is strongly recommended that you discuss your project proposal with us prior to application. To do so, please see contact details below.

Download the guidelines here.

To apply, complete the online form APPLY NOW

A budget template can be downloaded here.

As an accessible alternative, applicants can download a word document of the application form here to complete if required.
Where possible, the online form is our preferred submission method. 

How do we assess applications?

The selection panel consists of independent art + science + technology practitioners and ANAT staff.

Selection Criteria:

  • Originality and innovation of the proposed project;
  • Artist/s professional track-record and their familiarity with the proposed area of enquiry;
  • Demonstrated willingness by all parties to work collaboratively;
  • Anticipated benefits to both the artist and the host organisation;
  • Viability of the project in relation to the scope of the residency budget and the project’s achievability


Artists are encouraged to contact ANAT directly with any questions:
Melissa DeLaney
(08) 8231 9037

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