A Vision For Change: A New Media Architecture Uniting The Arts And Sciences

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26 August 2020 to 16 September 2020
Organized by: 
Gustavo Rincon
United States
Leonardo Program: 

Deadline to submit author proposals: Wednesday,  September16th, 2020 at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Notification of selected authors will be: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 (or soon thereafter)

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Affiliated Society or Committee Name: Leonardo Education and Art Forum

Today, we confront radical, accelerated change in all aspects of human existence. We recall stories of speculative futures that influence our present lives. Many questions are left unasked, but answers reside in our individualistic lived experience. Images, geometry, sounds and text found in our aesthetically driven world can now be quantified as the metaphysics of data. If algorithms are embedded in all forms of human existence, how can a new calculus be conceptualized, embodying the power of an existing computational language of cybernetic thought?

Our world is confronting a series of existential challenges as computational experiments hypothetically unify human desire and survival capitalism. The world's inhabitants, quantified as a finite resource, is only a single proposed mathematical economic truth, for our existence at this moment is yet to be realized through art, story and science. This opportunity of global crisis is a time to think about our individualistic cores that embody a range of human existence.

Our species has the ability and imagination to evolve by sharing new stories and our visions for an equitable future. Our contribution to world knowledge can be a newly realized future full of poetic promise. The power is in our aggregated voices being generated into one movement of energy for change—a series of compositions.

A vision to inspire behavioral systemic change is required now more than ever. We ask our community of artists, scientists and researchers to share proposals for a better world by revealing their research as a paradigm shift engaging technology.

Field of Study:
Geographic Area: North America
Time Period: Twenty-First Century
Media: Intermedia
Media: Interdisciplinary
Media: Digital Media (history and studio)

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