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Guy Levrier

Le Mesnil Saint Denis,

Member of the French fine-art societies Artistes Independants and Artistes Francais. Corresponding member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities.
Bell's theorem shows that quantum mechanics cannot be interpreted in terms of local deterministic theory; it has been called "the most profound discovery of science." It proves that any reality can only be non-local, i.e. that we live in a holistic universe, in which the whole acts on the part and vice versa: This interconnectedness is my source of inspiration.
There are two reasons I was attracted to quantum physics. First, I found in it all the metaphors I needed to "explain" my personal, ontological adventure in art through painting. I was mostly fascinated by the fact that since at the microscopic level our observation of matter disturbs the observed phenomenon, we cannot be sure of what reality is per se. On the other hand, what strikes us most when we observe our universe, which is made of that same matter, is its beauty. Consequently, I feel that beauty means more for us than reality, and that we have more certainties about beauty than we have about reality.
The second reason is the fact that, to me, quantum physics is both the scientific development that broke science's materialistic approach and the bridge between science and the human mind. This is also the feeling of some scientists: "The centerpiece of this new paradigm is the recognition that modern science validates an ancient idea - the idea that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being."
This is the spiritual aspect of the matter: Einstein felt that science is a passion that requires the "state of mind of monks and lovers . . . looking for the universe of objective contemplation and understanding."

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The Pathway Between Art and Science: One Painter's Metaphorical Journey

June 2000